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Basketball Jokes: Why did the basketball player go to jail?…  Because he shot the ball! (Top Basketball Jokes for Kids)
Coaching youth basketball is a huge undertaking. The team you coach has a wide range of skill levels and interest. What do you teach? What is the proper teaching progression.
Dribbling is one of the skills that should be stressed at an early age. There are many different drills that can help a player improve dribbling skills, but the most basic drill is stationary dribbling.
Have the players stand in stretch lines or around the 3-point line.
Stationary Dribble: Instruct the players to dribble with the strong hand. A coach can give a voice command to switch the height of the dribble: waist, knees, shoulders. With all the dribbles, the players should keep the hands on the top of the ball.
The drill should also be completed using the weak hand and alternating dribbles.
V-Dribbles: Here is another simple drill in which the players will dribble the ball with one hand, in front of the body. Players should make little “V”s with their dribble, swinging the ball from side to side. Complete the drill using both hands.
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