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Coaching 1st grade basketball can be a huge challenge. It is important to have the players use smaller balls (youth size), shoot on lower hopes, and play with less the 5 players on a team. It can be hectic, but we highly recommend that each player have a ball to maximize repetitions.

There are so many resources for basketball, however very little for the younger grades. Over the next several weeks and months, we will be posting some drills and ideas that might be useful. We would love your feedback. For additional information, please visit our coaching youth basketball page.

Dribbling: The 1st, easiest, and most important skill for youth players is dribbling. It is simply a matter of teaching the players to use the fingertips and fingertip pads, NOT THE PALM. Once players understand this fundamental, it is a matter of good repetitions. Players will learn to dribble the basketball with right hand, left hand, and alternating hands. Emphasize keeping the head up, not travelling, and understanding double dribble.

Dribble laps: Players line up around the entire outside of the courts.There should be good separation between players. Players will start dribbling in the same direction using the right hand. The coach will yell out 3 different speeds: WALK, JOG, FULL SPEED (under control).

After the full speed dribble, the directing coach will blow the whistle, the players will stop in place and yell “TRIPLE THREAT.”

Triple Threat Position: 3 – 4 times blow the whistle (single for players to STOP and YELL “TRIPLE THREAT”).

1. “Triple Threat” (starting position) Ball on  “shooting hip.”

2. “Ball Fake” Jab and lift “Ball above eyes” at the same time. FREEZE to check ball position

3. QUICK return to the starting triple threat position.

Dribble Variations: Left hand, Right hand, Alternating hands

Dribble Speeds: WALK, JOG, FULL SPEED
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