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When coaching youth basketball, there are many opportunities that present themselves as a teaching moment. When these situations occur, it is important to make the most of them.
One recent event happened during a youth basketball game. A player fell and began to cry. For some players this was the first time seeing a player get hurt during competition. As with any new experience, players look to coaches and other players for guidance.
It was a minor injury that was shaken off after a few seconds. We told the players that when a player is hurt, you are quiet. (If it was a more serious injury, we would have instructed the players to go to their benches.) Once a player stands up, it is good sportsmanship to clap for the players.
Very often the players you coach may not remember all the drills and fundamentals of the season, but if you can teach the players sportsmanship and teamwork, these are lessons that can be transferred to other areas of their life.
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