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Basketball Jokes: Why did the basketball player go to jail?…  Because he shot the ball! (Top Basketball Jokes for Kids)
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Remember to be a good basketball player… FUNDAMENTALS FIRST!
The Reverse Mikan Drill is a great “fundamental” drill for a basketball. Be sure to master the Mikan Drill before attempting this one because the Reverse Mikan Drill is a little more challenging. Both drills develop proper footwork and the ability to score around the basket using both hands. This drill should be timed and the scores should be recorded to see if a player is improving.
Scores for the Reverse Mikan Drill tend to be a little lower than the Mikan Drill by a few reps. Scoring higher than 20 is a HUGE accomplishment. The players were 6’4 and very committed to becoming the best they could be. (Height is a factor in getting the ball out of the net quickly.)
To add difficulty to the drill for more advanced players, try it with 2 balls. Check out this video to learn how to do the drill correctly!