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Over the next several weeks I hope to share some useful ideas and drills that will make your season enjoyable. More importantly, I hope to share with you drills that will make your players improve while having fun.

The following schedule is based on 4 teams with 12 players on each. If possible it is best to have between 8 – 10 players on a team.

Week #1 Skills Clinic (Brief outline)

48 players, 4 teams

The 1st week of a basketball season is always a little hectic, so you may have to allow a little more time for the completion of drills.

0:00 – 10:00        Meet team, T-shirts, group explanation (line attendance)

10:00 – 20:00        Dribble laps & stationary ball drills (One coach can lead the instruction)

20:00 – 30:00        stationary partner passing, shuffle passes, dribble partner passing

30:00 – 40:00        AROUND THE WORLD Shooting spots (1:30 each)

40:00 – 45:00        Dribble Tag

45:00 – 60:00         half court games

Below is a more detailed explanation of the drills and organization.


1. Dribbling (Dribble laps): right, left, alternating

Triple Threat Position: 3 – 4 times blow the whistle (single for players to STOP and YELL “TRIPLE THREAT”).

1. “Triple Threat” (starting position) Ball on  “shooting hip.”

2. “Ball Fake” Jab and lift “Ball above eyes” at the same time. FREEZE to check ball position

3. QUICK return to the starting triple threat position.

Notes: Triple threat position is a fairly simple idea to introduce, though most players will not be able to execute it during games. Coaches can use the following verbal commands to the players to help them understand the movement of the ball fake. “HIP (starting point), “JAB (step) & LIFT (The basketball above the eyes), (return the ball to the) HIP!”

2. Stationary partner passing, shuffle passes, dribble partner passing

Stationary partner passing: The teams will be lined up in the court area (use cones if necessary). Initial drill we be stationary passing with chest and bounce. Teaching points: Fingertips pointing to target. “TIPS TO TARGET!”, thumbs pointing down. Players may need help with aiming point for the bounce pass, 3/4ths the way to partner.

Shuffle passes: The players shuffle full court and make passes to the partner.

Dribble Partner Passing: Players can work with a partner (or more). 1st player dribbles to half court, turns around, stops at the cone and bounce passes to partner. 2nd player receives the pass and repeats the drills.

3. AROUND THE WORLD: Shooting spots (1:30 each)

Shooting spots: This will be  weekly event. Coaches should keep track of progress. The goal is improvement, but team competition can be good.  Shoot from 3 spots for 1:30. Record the scores. Check progress each week.

Dribble Lay-ups, right wing, center, left wing. Players rotate the baskets (they like this)

4. Dribble Tag (5 minutes): Use a different ball as the tag ball. One player is it. Other players dribble avoiding being tagged. If a player is tag, the “tag ball” is given to him. The person who WAS it has the other ball and player continues. There can be multiple tag balls if appropriate.

5. Half court games: Discuss with other coaches how the games will be organized.

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