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Video clips are a great way to introduce and reinforce the concepts and steps to classical conditioning. When I first started teaching the course, students had a very difficult time understanding the concepts of classical conditioning. It might be safer to say, I had a difficult time presenting the material in a clear, understandable way.
Since those first years, students are now presented with two mnemonic devices, an additional helpful step to the equation, and some video clips of classical conditioning. At the end of the unit, more students have a much better understanding of classical conditioning.
The use of smartboards, google drive slides, and youtube has made it very effective to find clips to support the learning of classical conditioning. For example, the Pavlov’s dog clip is from a video series my school owns. Very often I only show clips of the video. To be able to access the same clip from my computer (via youtube) is so much more convenient then going to the library, signing out the video, and having to cue it up on the TV.
The Ice Cream Truck Song is one known throughout America. Prior to showing the clip, you can discuss who bought an ice cream this summer from the Ice Cream Man. You also can ask for favorite choices of the students.
The video is simply the song. For added affect, if you do not discuss the Ice Cream Man, have the students close their eyes before you play the song. After hearing the song, ask the students how it made them feel.
Ice Cream Truck Song

Have the students write out the steps of classical conditioning for the Ice Cream Truck song.
Step #1                                  Ice Cream —————->    Happiness
Step #2             Music    +    Ice Cream —————->    Happiness
Step #3             Music                             —————->    Happiness