The Choices Program is a great presentation for high school students.
PJ Steverman was a college hockey player who attend New England College. The presentation tells the story of how a college freshman, after playing his first varsity game, made a simple choice that would forever change his life and the life of his family.
This is a great presentation for high school students, especially around prom season. Below is information from the PJ Steverman website on how you can bring this great presentation to your community.
“When I think of all that we have accomplished in PJ’s memory, “Choices” is the project that I am most passionate about. For those of you who do not know, “Choices” is a documentary about our son. PJ was a regular kid who loved his family, his friends and hockey. He was just like most kids his age. One night PJ was faced with a choice that ultimately had life altering consequences. He attended New England College and went out with his friends one evening and decided to leave the off-campus party they were at without telling anyone.
It was a decision with devastating results. His choice changed all of our lives forever.
Our mission is to share PJ’s story with high school seniors before they graduate to encourage them to think twice as they face choices that at the time may not seem important but, might change not only their lives but also all lives of the people who love them. My family and I have visited many high schools on the South Shore. If you are interested in learning how we may bring “Choices” to your community please inquire below.”
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