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Starting this year, the Burlington High School Student Council has come out of the shadows and become an accessible governing body for the Burlington High School community. For years, the Student Council has functioned remotely from the students who aren’t involved in our school’s government. This has created a distance between the kids in Student Council and the kids not in Student Council.

In previous years, many students at BHS, every day, simply showed up to school, went to their classes, and then went home. Even though there were many clubs and activities that were available, many didn’t know of them because word of mouth can only go so far!

In this modern world of technology, the BHS Student Council is now utilizing a blog (through WordPress) to publicize what is happening at BHS. Before, there were sites that were focused on helping parents and teachers but there was never one that was meant to assist the student body, so we changed that. The Student Council Blog is where all of this useful information is easily accessible to students, faculty, parents, etc.

The Student Council Blog contains:

  • All information about student council and club events

  • Student council information, such as who is a member, our projects, and the rules and guidelines we follow.

  • How each member of the Student Council is working. This way, if an elected official is not even showing up, the student body will know.


  • Subscribable calendars of all athletic events, school events, the bell schedule, and even the lunch menu schedule

  • A suggestions box, because we’re open to suggestions at any time

  • Lists of athletic teams and clubs that are available to join

  • A page that contains links to the main sites that I believe parents find useful. This way it can be a hub for many sites that would otherwise have to be searched for through many pages.

To promote our blog, we have a Twitter account (@BHS__SC) and this has changed the small viewership of the blog to a substantial amount within a couple of months. Here at BHS, we are lucky that everyone has an iPad and access to wifi at all times of the school day, which is why this method of spreading information has been successful. Many schools don’t even allow access to sites such as Twitter or even supply wifi. The BHS Student Council is an example of how technology can be used to spread information to the community as well as promote the club. Check out the blog today.


The student council consists of a governing body for each class and an Executive Board that is in charge of each of those boards. The Executive board consists of Nick Merlino (President), Erin Savage (Vice President), Kathleen Coveno (Secretary), Eddie Mitchell (Treasurer), Holly Cullinan (School Committee Adviser), and Joe Sateriale (State Adviser). The class presidents are Jordan Mathieson (Senior President), Tommy Bezreh (Junior President), Jake Hanafin (Sophomore President), and Kevin Twohig (Freshman President). Along with these officials, there are 61 total members

The main annual events that we host are:

  • Prom

  • Dances

    • Halloween Dance

    • Winter Ball

    • Spring Fling

    • Semi Formal

  • Thanksgiving Service

  • Toys for Tots

  • Senior Citizens Dance

  • Spirit Weeks

  • Dodgeball Tournament

  • Pie and cookie dough sales

  • Powder-Puff Football

  • Game Night

  • Senior Events

  • Improv nights

  • Children’s Movie Night

  • Candy cane sales

  • Valentine’s Day lollipops

  • Ugly sweater day

Without the encouragement from our school’s administration, our class advisers, and our executive board advisers, none of it would be possible. To recognize some of the many people who help us along the way, special thanks to:

  • Mr. Milton – Executive Board adviser, Junior class adviser

  • Ms. Bilotta – Executive Board adviser

  • Mrs. Mcinerney – Senior Class Adviser

  • Mrs. Delliano – Senior Class Adviser

  • Ms. Stewart – Junior Class Adviser

  • Ms. Palmer – Sophomore Class Adviser

  • Mrs. Potters – Sophomore Class Adviser

  • Ms. Marinaro – Freshman Class Adviser

  • Ms. Roberts – Freshman Class Adviser

  • Mr. Larkin – Burlington superintendent

  • Mr. Sullivan – BHS principal

  • Mrs. Deacon – BHS associate principal

  • Mr. Sheehan – BHS associate principal