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Bruce Sallan: Dad of the Month
What is your current job of position?
I am a dad first, a writer second, a skier third, and I “work” and “play” in probably more forms of New and Old Media than any other writer/blogger I’m aware of!
What is your parenting background?
I became a dad four days after my fortieth birthday. I became a 24/7 single/divorcing dad right around my fiftieth birthday. Those experiences led to my starting to write a column, then a radio show, learning Social Media, and carrying on from there into almost all forms of New and Old Media. I believe there is no other parent blogger working in as many different forms of media as I do.
Describe your parenting philosophy?
Quantity Time – There is NO SUCH THING as Quality Time…see my column on this:
What is the greatest benefit of your professional network?
Again, it’s the three P’s – the people, the People, and the PEOPLE. I love meeting people literally from all over the world. I learn so much.
If you blog, what is the focus of it? How long have you been writing? Who is you audience?
I began blogging exclusively on parent/dad-centric topics but my writing – and I prefer to call myself a writer than a blogger – has grown to include many other subjects, most notably Social Media. I do NOT consider myself an expert by any means – but I do consider myself a layman-expert and I believe that distinction and my willingness to expose my own failings has allowed my writing to resonate with many.
How do you use social media to connect with other parents? What is your advice to parents on social media and education?
I am NOT a formal teacher, though I have taught in many forms over the years. Social Media IS the true form of democracy today and I simply advise teachers to use it, know what their students are using/doing, and be open to the vast array of information available even if it doesn’t fit into your belief system.
What advice in general do you have to parents today?
Do your darned best to stay married. Kids thrive with BOTH parents. Also, do your darned best to have one parent stay home with the kids. You can stick with that older car a bit longer and delay the exotic vacation – you ONLY have your kids for a limited time. I think of parenting as having a lease on our kids. IF we’ve done our job well, they should leave…and simply visit once in a while. That job is perhaps a quarter of your life – there’s plenty of time to make more money. If you choose to be a parent – do it right!
Describe the most significant experience as a parent and/or a child (feel free to  include one for each).
The death of my older brother when I was five had a dire effect on me that carried well into my adulthood. When the mother of my boys literally left and I was thrust in the 24/7 role of dad AND mom, I was prepared for everything except my communities’ reaction, which was so unsupportive, naive, and almost hurtful. That informed my second career as a writer and Dad advocate.
What book would you recommend to parents?
Dr. Spock? Heck, how can I not recommend my two books – “A Dad’s Point-of-View: We ARE Half the Equation,” and “The Empty-Nest Road Trip Blues: An Interactive Journal from A Dad’s Point-of-View. Both are available at Amazon, Nook, and
My website – – is an open book about me. I would simply advise subscribing to my weekly newsletter, listening to some of my radio shows, and read those columns that interest you. Also, #DadChat is an incredible community that meets EVERY Thursday evening from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET.
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