My Town Tutors is making a huge effort to connect with New Jersey parents, teachers, schools, and educational groups. We recently launched our @mytowntutorsNJ4 twitter account to connect with individuals and organizations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio.
As part of  our goal to be a great tutoring resource in these states for parents and teachers, we will be writing blogs that will provide useful information. Our national 100% series, including our top 10 twitter accounts for teachers, has been such a huge success, that we will are making a more focused effort on creating more local, useful content.
The only  requirement for our 100% series is that the twitter account receive a perfect score of 100 / 100 from tweet grader.
For each account we have included the twitter name, the twitter profile, twitter followers, and the perfect twitter grade. We hope you find them helpful and would love your feedback.
@BrielleMissNJ “Miss New Jersey 2011, Model, Motivational Speaker, Life & Pageant Coach, Advocate for AUTISM AWARENESS & BRAIN CANCER! Owner of Bedminster, New Jersey · (9,6o0+ followers / 100/100 twitter grader)
We will be adding to this list in the future so please visit us again.
New Jersey Teachers, please read our blog: Top % Twitter Accounts for New Jersey Teachers!