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Writing Advice for College Students
Author Bio: Kelly Drill is a mom, a marketing professional and an advocate for STEM and GT programs in public schools. She proudly calls Denver her home.
For the greater part of the 2013, a small team in Colorado has been spreading the word about the importance of computer programming education for young kids while building the prototype for their educational game, Why? The team believes (as do tech industry giants like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg) that teaching kids to code is one of the best ways to set them up for success in a technology-driven world and to empower a new generation of innovators. is designed to bridge the gap between simple counting games and the learn-to-program games currently available for older kids. Rather than teaching players a specific coding language, introduces basic programming concepts to kids as young as four. The goal is to make programming fun and accessible—even for the youngest students—so that when they’re exposed to coding, those students will be excited about computer programming and ready to learn.
The prototype has done well since its launch in August. It is already being used by educators in at least 18 countries, and its player roster includes parents, teachers and students in 189 countries. The team is currently in the process of raising funds to build out their prototype, develop curriculum and add classroom management tools. You can learn more about the project at