The Boston sports teams have done an amazing job paying tribute to the tragic events of the Boston Marathon. Below is a summary (with links) of the Boston Bruins pre-game ceremony.
Click here to watch the entire ceremony (5:08).

The Boston Bruins

Honors the Heroes and Victims of the Marathon Bombings

Moment of Silence (0:00 – 0:46) – “Ladies and gentlemen, please join us in a moment of silence to pay tribute to all of those affected by Monday’s tragic events at the Boston Marathon.We pause to reflect on those injured, honor the first responders who bravely came to the aid of their fellow citizens, and we remember and pray for the families of those that lost their lives.”
Video Tribute (0:47 – 2:40) – As part of this ceremony there is a very inspirational video clip of images of the Boston Marathon shown with the music of Phillip Phillips, Home.
The clip finishes with the words:
The National Anthem (2:41 – 5:08) – “Representing all of Boston’s first responders please welcome the Boston Fire Department Honor Guard to present tonight’s colors.”
Rene Rancourt starts the national anthem with a few lines ending with the word “proudly.” The Boston Bruins fans finish the song in impressive fashion. It is AWESOME!
We hope you enjoy!
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