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The participants have signed up! The desserts are getting ready to be made! Soon we will be waiting for you to visit one of our over 300 participants or for you to shop on line and help us raise money for breast cancer one sweet at a time!  The day we are waiting for you to help us is around the corner!  The time for you to help is sooner than later!  In fact Boston Bakes will start May 3 at specific Stop and Shop locations and all other locations May 6!
The money you help us raise will benefit breast cancer research and care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and Bakes for Breast Cancer, Inc. a nonprofit breast cancer organization.
This year Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer is more important than ever! This is why:
Last Saturday I attended a seminar from our friends at Dana-Farber and learned that federal funding for research is at the lowest it has been.  Talented researchers might not have the opportunity to do the important research needed in the fight against cancer.  We might be losing talent researches which is inexcusable in a country like ours and in the state in which we live.
Therefore, it is up to all of us to make a difference and help raise money so researchers can do the work they love with the hopes of making that next important discovery in the very complex world of cancer.
Events like Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer is more important than ever! Now we need your help to turn the work already done into the most successful event ever! Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer is an event designed to fit into your very busy life!  All you have to do is visit one of our participating establishments and save room for dessert! Eating desserts has never tasted better!
This is what we need you to do!
Order the Boston Bakes dessert or desserts and 100% of one dessert or 50% of some participant’s entire dessert menu will be donated to be used in the fight against breast cancer.
We have over 300 participants in over 100 Massachusetts communities!  We have supermarkets! Specific Stop and Shop locations will be participating May 3-10. Whole Foods Market, Roche Brothers and Sudbury Farms locations in Massachusetts are participating May 6-12! But you might find some chocolate chip cookies in Roche Brothers and Sudbury Farms before, check their circular for details!
We have restaurants, bakeries, cafes, ice cream shops, chocolate shops, cupcake shops and online bakeries to name just a few of where you can find desserts which will help us raise money for breast cancer! Simple isn’t it! Check here for a complete list of participants! Visit them often, bring your friends, your family and your co-workers. Help spread the word!
If you can’t make it out to enjoy the wonderful desserts ranging from cookies, chocolate cakes, strawberry shortcakes, Boston cream pie, crème brulee , cobblers, tarts and so many other wonderful desserts you can SHOP! We hope you make it out to some of your favorite places and try some of our new participants as well! We hope you will SHOP often! It is all for a good cause that touches so many we know and love.
You don’t have to live in Massachusetts to get involved and enjoy the desserts we have for breast cancer!  You can SHOP on line and have desserts shipped to you and your friends!  See how simple this can be!  Just visit the SHOP page on our website and you can do your part anywhere across the US!
We have you covered, now we need your help. Enjoying desserts is a nice way to help raise money for breast cancer and sharing it with the special people in your life.
We always welcome donations. Your support means everything to us!
Get involved! The researchers have so much to do and with your help and support we can keep them busy making new discoveries and hopefully one day sooner than later finding the cure we so desperately want.
We are extremely grateful for our participants support, their wonderful staff and for all who enjoy the desserts which helps us raise money year after year for the fight against breast cancer. We thank all of you!
Carol Sneider, President “Raising money for breast cancer one sweet at a time!”
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Boston Bakes was Number 1 in 2011 for giving the highest percentage of money raised to the cause we support! Source MA Attorney General’s Office.