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26 Lessons for the Letter of the Week & Kindergarten Jokes

Letter of the Week – B

During the week, please learn to identify this letter, it’s sound, and formation. At home please make a list of words that begin with this letter.

Also, identify the high frequency words “the” and “a.”

B Activities

  1. Read a book.
  2. Play with blocks and bounce a ball.
  3. Talk about the day you were born with your Mom or Dad.
  4. Count the buttons on Mommy or Daddy’s shirt.
  5. Ride your bicycle.
  6. Fly like a butterfly, hop like a bunny, buzz like a bee, growl like a bear.
  7. Listen to the sound of the birds outside.
  8. Count the windows in your bedroom.
  9. Draw a beautiful picture.
  10. Help make breakfast and eat a banana.
  11. Look for brown fall colors.
  12. Move your body to the music…. you can do it!

This lesson was taken directly from the homework assignments of a Massachusetts kindergarten teacher.
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