Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success is an amazing teaching tool to help youngsters reach a healthy definition of success. The story does a great job of teaching John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success.
The main characters, Inch and Miles, are given a magical whistle to borrow to help them on their journey to understand the meaning of success. The colorful characters that Inch and Miles encounter are unique. Each represents one block in the Pyramid of Success. (You can view the pyramid that is displayed on a teacher’s webpage in San Marcos, California.)
One cornerstone of Wooden’s Pyramid of Success is “HARD WORK.”


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Axelrod the Ant teaches Inch and Miles about one of the cornerstones to the John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success. Axelrod is the first character Inch and Miles meet. Axelrod shares his story of hard work.

HARD WORK as told by Axelrod Ant

“I may be small. That is very true.

But I succeed and so can you.

I move a mountain, bit by bit.

It takes HARD WORK – I never sit.

I WORK and WORK throughout the day.

My work comes first before I play.

Success is yours, please understand,

When YOU and WORK go hand in hand.”

Below is a writing prompt for students to reflect about hard work in their own lives.
Everyone understands the importance of hard work whether it is in school, extra-curricular activities, work, an instrument, sports, or exercise. At times, it might be hard to make the sacrifice to work hard despite the great benefits that result from paying the price and putting in the effort.
WRITING PROMPT: Describe a time when you worked hard at something. The example could be an event, class, project, sport, instrument, or community service project. Include in your answer:
1. The event / activity – What was it? Why were you motivated to be involved?
2. The “WORK” – What specifically did you do? How long was your commitment? How many days a week did you work on this?
3. The Reward – feeling of “self-satisfaction.” – How did you feel after completion of the “work?” What were your rewards both intrinsically (inside or you) and or externally (noticed by others).
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