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We know an aspiring Athletic Director (@aspiringAD) and are helping to prepare this individual for the interview process. We would love feedback from principals, athletic directors, superintendents, coaches, parents, and student-athletics.
Questions for Athletic Directors:

  1. Why do you want to be an Athletic Director? To use some athletic analogies, this question is a “lay-up.” “You should hit this one out of the park!” This is a “free kick.” This is the EASIEST question you will be asked. If you have difficulty answering it, perhaps you should withdraw your application.
  2. What is your educational philosophy? What is your vision for athletics at our school? These are pretty standard questions for any position in education. Whenever possible, give examples to illustrate a point.
  3. What is your coaching experience? Since many athletic directors also serve as coaches in a school, this is an important question for the position of athletic director. Level of coaching may be considered a factor in the final decision. However, whether you are a varsity coach on a Division I State championship team or a 1st grade youth basketball coach, there are many skills that are required like practice planning, skill development, player-coach relationships, coach-parent relationships, and communication. Whatever your experience be honest and do not embellish too much. (See George O’Leary and other coaches who lied.)
  4. Explain how you will develop and strengthen relationships with coaches, student-athletes, parents, booster organizations, teachers, community, youth program, administrators and the league. Holy cow! Sorry about this one, but it is one of the many responsibilities you will have as an Athletic Director. A major part of you job is relationships with many different groups with many different agendas. How you handle these relationships as an athletic director will be a major factor in your success and happiness as an AD.