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Bio: Maggie Moran is a sophomore in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College, studying Elementary Education and Applied Psychology. She will graduate in 2016 and cannot wait to become a teacher.

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I recently joined Twitter and have begun creating a personal learning network (“PLN”). I attended public school in an excellent school district but few of my teachers even had their own website, much less their own blog or Twitter account.

It has been an eye opening experience for me to realize how many teachers are active on Twitter and connecting with thousands of other teachers from around the world. I can’t believe that anyone wouldn’t take advantage of learning from others in the field. It makes me smile to see all of these passionate educators who continuously engage in conversation with people they’ve never met, all for the betterment of their students.

In my first meaningful interaction on Twitter, I asked for advice on tutoring a student with interrupted formal education (SIFE). I had researched SIFE on Google and SweetSearch, but still felt I was missing the most up-to-date information. Within minutes of my tweet, I received five replies with suggestions on books to read, methods to try, and educators to follow who were experts in the area.  My dad had told me that twitter was a “real-time” search engine, and this experience really confirmed it for me!

Each day, I am overwhelmed (in a good way!) by the amount of resources available to me just by scrolling through my Twitter feed. It is so enriching for me to read educators’ perspectives on teaching and to find new tools and content resources. I am so excited to be joining this world of connected and enthusiastic educators, and I know it will serve me well when I have my own class in a few years.

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