Author Bio: Amjad Ali (@ASTSupportaali) is an Assistant Head Teacher for Inclusion & SEN/D + an Advanced Skills Teacher in Teaching and Learning. He works in Oxford, England. He is currently teaching English and RE with qualifications in Citizenship and Law

Please Share! is a completely free website created by (@ASTSupportaali).

The toolkit contains tips, tricks, ideas, strategies, suggestions, resources and information for teachers across all subjects, ages and phases of education!

The toolkit is a central location for teaching and learning related posts laid out in a simple to use and interpret fashion. The information is short and snappy and links to what is needed are always provided.



You can search for a post using a particular keyword or you can filter the posts based on their tags. Such as literacy, group work, independent learning and so on.

The toolkit is designed to allow teachers to become more creative, more inventive and most importantly allows them to save time by using some of the effective ideas that have been shared. The posts usually contain images showing the activity in action and provide links to further reading if relevant.

Currently the toolkit contains over 215 activities that have been tried and tested by teachers. I know they are effective because the activities I post are ones that are being used in classrooms. Ones that have been used and been successful with the students I teach.

To date the toolkit has had over 500,000 views and is used worldwide! Many posts are currently being edited to update with the variations educators have made having seen the original idea from the tooliit.


The principle behind the toolkit is to create more agile teachers who want to liven up the learning of their students. The toolkit is also a central hub to share important information such as the changes in Special Needs provision in the UK and so on. Some ideas you will love, some you will think about,  others you may not agree with at all. That’s the beauty of the toolkit- it is guaranteed to cater for everybody’s teaching methods.

If you would like to guest post and share an activity that you have used in your lessons on the toolkit then please email me on over 30 teachers have written a guest post to date.

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The toolkit was recently featured on BBC News’ show BBC Click in the #Webscape section as a fantastic tool for educators worldwide.


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