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Jerry Pearlman is the author of the very popular “Tale of A Baseball Dream” fictitious story recommended for children 8-12 years old.  He is an advocate for promoting children’s literacy, strong family values, and participates in the movement to eliminate bullying!

Jerry can be followed on twitter at or on his website Check out his book on Amazon!

I believe it is extremely important to find a good tutor if your child is struggling in school.  Almost every child has the capability of learning what they need to know to do well in school.  Many children fall seriously behind in their understanding, which leads to tremendous discouragement, which will in turn lead to them becoming uninterested in school.

In my eyes this is tragic!  We can’t change the past, but we can start today and find  a personal tutor which can change everything!

Many children need to have the information broken down and presented in a way in which he or she can understand.  Each child is unique and learns in a different way, but the bottom line is that they are capable of learning the material.

Too often, teachers or professors expect the student to understand the information from reading it out of a book, or they explain the material in a manner in which only some students can grasp.  Many students struggle to learn in this manner, but it does not mean that they are not smart, it only means they need someone to take a personal interest in them to do well.

Similar to the young baseball player that does not think he is a good batter, yet only needs someone to help make a small adjustment to start crushing the baseball, your child may be only a little help away from becoming a great student and loving school!
Even if your child is far behind, DO NOT give up on your child!  Find a good tutor, and turn their life around!