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A great Massachusetts kindergarten teacher uses a poetry book to teach the students the months of the year and the seasons of New England (teachers from other regions can adapt the poems to fit their area).
It is a great way to introduce students to poetry.
How it works:
1. Hand out one poem at the appropriate time during the school year.
2. Read the poem to the class.
3. Allow the students time to draw a picture to illustrate the poem.
4. Collect the work and save each poem until the end of the school year.
5. At the end of the school year (when the writing is improved), have the students create a cover page. Direct the students to write the following:




2011 – 2012 (current school year)

6. Allow the students time to decorate the cover.

It is a great end of the year review and a great keepsake for the students and parents to reflect back on the first year of school. As we have said before, “Kindergarten teachers are amazing!”

Thanks for all you do!



The month is September

And school bells will ring.

We’ll meet lots of friends,

And learn many things.



Apples are so good to eat,

To have one is a special treat.

Red, green, yellow, too,

All of them good for you.



The month is October

With leaves falling down.

Leaves that are yellow,

Orange and brown.



The month is November

We’re deep into fall.

We celebrate Thanksgiving

And give thanks to all.



The month is December

And Christmas is near.

We greet dear old Santa

Who brings us good cheer.



The month is January,

All ice and snow.

We skate and we sled

With friends that we know.


Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King we know

Was a man who had a dream.

A dream of love and brotherhood.

A dream of people doing good.

Now in everything we do,

We can make his dreams come true.



The month is February,

Valentine’s Day his here.

We honor two presidents

At this time of year.



The month is March

And spring arrives.

It is very windy.

See how my kite flies.



The month is April

And spring is here.

The flowers will bloom

Once the skies are clear!



The month is May

With the sun shining bright.

The flowers are blooming,

And birds are in flight.



The month is June

And school will be out.

The children will soon

Be swimming about.

I hope this is useful to some of our kindergarten teachers, parents, and students! Have a great summer!

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