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Writing Advice for College Students

AIEP, (Apex International Education Partners) is an international student recruiting and homestay organization located in Watertown, CT.  We recruit international students to study at the best private middle and high schools and provide them with their homestay. Our partnered schools are primarily in Connecticut, certain parts of Maryland, New York, and Massachusetts.

We are currently seeking Host Families in Boston, Springfield, Tyngsboro, Chicopee, Pittsfield, and surrounding towns. The Host Family program lasts 5 – 10 months with students arriving mid – January and mid –  August. If you decide being a Host Family is right for you, there is a generous stipend of $1000.00 per month. Along with love and support, the Host Family is required to provide daily meals, transportation, and a private bedroom.

Benefits of Hosting an International Student:

  • Share your American experiences

  • Change perspectives about Americans

  • Bring global community and culture into your home and community

  • Receive extra income

  • Form lifetime bonds

Expand Your World, Your Family and Your Community: Host An International Middle/High School Student Today!

Follow us on Twitter @AIEPUSA