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The PBS Series “the Secret Life of the Brain” has many great sections to share with a high school psychology class. The video also can be seen at “WatchDocumentary.” which is a great resource for teachers.
A Child’s Brain: From Syllable to Sound, deals with lateralization, focusing on patients who have had to have part of the brain removed. Below is an outline of the section that works well with a high school psychology unit on the brain.
(19:02 – 36:35) The following clip discusses the reasons for and the impact of the removal of left hemisphere in extreme cases of seizures. The segment focuses on two cases. One is a young boy who had surgery at the age of 7. He is 14 at the time of filming. Michal Rehbein had up to 400 seizures a day. The segment illustrates the ability of the right hemisphere to acquire the ability to process language. to The boy names  Katie who has lost her ability to speak due to seizures. In both cases the patients needed to start from scratch – learning how to walk and talk again. There are some great MRI images that illustrate the images of the brain.
A Tufts University study looks at how the students process. There is a great learning section where the students use blocks to connect with the sounds. After a brain scan, results show that the improvement may have come from increased use of the brain. The study will take several years to see how dyslexic readers “remodel” their brains.
I apologize for the less than detailed notes on this section, however hopefully it is a good starting point for high school psychology teachers.
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