Does it really only cost $12 for 29 months? What is the catch?
My Town Tutors is a website that believes “Teachers are great tutors!” We make it easy for teachers to connect with local parents who are looking for tutors.
Register now (April 2012), and any teacher can be listed on our website until September 30th 2014 for only $12.
29 months for only $12, less than $0.50 a month to be listed on My Town Tutors. A nationally directory of teachers who tutor.
There are no other costs!
There are no tricks. No other gimmicks. No hidden expenses.
My Town Tutors does not take half of a teacher’s fee for the first tutoring session. We do not take an additional fee for each tutoring session after that. Teachers work hard and we want to thank them and reward them for their special gifts.
Our entire philosophy is based on one simple belief…. “Teachers are great tutors!
We have one simple goal… to be the best tutoring resource in the country, by only listing teachers.
We want to attract great teachers who tutor.
In order to be the best tutoring service in America, we need to recruit the great teachers. Our special promotion is designed to make it EXTREMELY attractive for any teacher to join the greatest network of tutors in the country.
In addition to our low membership fee. We want to give teachers a raise, by allowing them to keep 100% of their tutoring fees.
The more teachers who sign-up for our service, the more valuable we are to parents. We currently have over 230 teachers registered, mostly from Massachusetts.
What is the catch?
This rate is a special, limited introductory offer that will expire on September 30th, 2013. We promise to keep our fees low, however after this date, we will be increasing our membership fee.
We want to be transparent with our service and fees.
What if there are currently no teachers registered in my area?
We have a great following on twitter and will help spread the word in your area. We also have an easy to use action kit that you can follow to educate your community about our great service.
If you are a parent or teacher, please visit our website and blog. We can only reach our goal of being a great tutoring service with your help. And remember…….
“Teachers are great tutors!”