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Author Bio: Alicia Robertson is a career counselor by profession and is very much an active blogger. She has been successful in guiding hundreds of students and has helped them make correct career choices, thanks to her experience and expertise.

Building a strong career is of utmost importance. The quest for an absolute stable and strong career never ends. Successful people often inspire you and you could follow their example to build a successful career for yourself. You may have multiple career options in the fields you seem to be interested in.

It is important for you to realize that the career choices you make would definitely affect your job marketability and your capability of achieving your long-term targets and goals. You must therefore, use sound judgment and make a career choice wisely after much deliberation. Quite often you are totally unprepared and you have no clues about building a strong and a sound career. Here are some interesting facts regarding building strong and impressive career.

  1. Career building involves different stages namely self-evaluation, research, plan development and attaining the goal. It is better to initiate career planning early may be during your college days by assessing your goals, aptitude and capabilities and undertaking necessary research to know about various career options open to you in the field of your interest.
  2. An important fact is that there are a number of facets to a strong and healthy career. You need to constantly work on each of these facets to sustain employment and attain your goals. The key to achieving a successful career is to concentrate equally on job expertise, ancillary skills, peer connections and environmental awareness.
  3. One established fact about building a sound career is that you would be indulging in as many as six to eight occupational changes during your lifetime. It implies that you are constantly assessing your capabilities and scrutinizing your skills to understand what you are actually looking for in life. You must do ample research on the facts relating to the various potential career options.
  4. Another enlightening fact about career building is that the employers actually do not care much about your educational qualifications if you are not able to deliver. Companies are more interested in people who are equipped with strong interpersonal skills and the inherent ability to grasp things at once and learn quickly. Needless to say, your educational background is instrumental in getting you the job but beyond that it is your ability to tackle greater challenges and move to positions involving greater responsibilities with your interpersonal skills, is what your employers would be looking for.
  5. Another fact is that emphasis is given on academic requirements only in certain jobs relating to certain fields. Generally importance is given to degrees and educational qualifications in technical jobs, but if you are able to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills for the job, you would be considered, even though you may not fulfill the exact degree requirements. You need to convince your potential employers about your capabilities when you are fresh out of college with no job experience as such. You must therefore, concentrate on internships to gather job experience and impress the employers.
  6. Another fact about building a steady and impressive career is that you must keep in mind that you should not restrict yourself to pursuing a career only in the particular field in which you have earned a degree. Do not take it for granted that if you possess a Science degree you are restricted to a career in the field of Science only. You are free to choose whatever career you desire to pursue, provided you have the tenacity to chase your dreams and the ability to play the game right.
  7. One extremely important fact about career building is that usually employers are not very keen on a fresher straight out of college as they do not intend to train you. Employers would be hugely impressed if you are self-sufficient and learn things on your own. You could build a strong career only if you are able to tap the opportunities and use them with wisdom.
  8. You must constantly upgrade yourself and stay abreast with changing workforce by acquiring specialized training. Specialized training programs equip you with skills that are perfect for achieving success in the workplace.