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The pandemic has made millions of students turn their path to online learning. Therefore, educators around the globe are learning new techniques to adjust to the environment. Online teaching is way different from traditional classroom teaching. The best teachers are aware of the demands of online teaching. They know that to attain success in online education, they will have to.

  • Prepare well
  • Take necessary training
  • Need to be creative
  • Possess thorough knowledge of the curriculum.

Instead of focusing on the setup of a physical classroom, the teacher gives importance to the latest technologies. They find value in designing the curriculum so that remote instruction to the student becomes easy. Educators always hunt for ways to ensure student’s engagement throughout the teaching session.

In the era of the virtual classroom, online teachers are crucial for the success of students. A slight upgrade in the teaching method is needed as compared to in-person teaching. By acquiring the following qualities and skills, the best teacher will be in a better situation to make their students learn online throughout the year. 

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What Skills Must the Online Tutors Have?

Teaching Skills

1. A Teacher is Required to Have Curriculum Expertise and State Certification

All Educationists whether they are using an online or in-person medium for their teaching must have state certification. It indicates their eligibility to teach. While the criteria differ from state to state, to get certified as a professional, graduation is the primary requirement. Also, the individual needs to have certification in the subject area and grade they wish to teach.

2. Need to Possess Tech Skills

The teacher must be tech-savvy and should find it easy to use the latest technology and online tools as virtual classes take place over the internet. If they are regular in using the technology, it keeps them in line with the latest technology. The teachers must teach the parents and students about the new tools before the new academic session starts.

The primary technology that online teachers need to know is the learning management system of their institution or the LMS. The school uses plenty of education technology platforms and online tools to teach the students and give necessary information to the families for the entire year.

Most of the teachers make use of analysis programs and data visualization such as pivot tables and spreadsheets. It helps them to measure the performance of the students. They can also make customized learning plans for the students based on the data. 

The best teachers get updated with the evolution of new technology. They never restrict themselves with the basic knowledge only.

3. Creative Teaching

The demand today in the digital learning space requires thinking beyond the normal. The teacher needs to implement creative thinking to add to the student’s success. Online learning gives a moment for teachers to be innovative and design a learning material where the students get fully engaged.

Creativity is the need of the hour. All kinds of lessons of different subjects are possible to teach online. A curriculum needs an ideal design that will suit the digital platform. Using online technology creatively helps most of the students to remember the learning efficiently.

Online schooling creates an environment that has project-based activities, individual assignments, and virtual instruction. It helps the students get exposed to new things regularly.

Strong Communication Skills

4. Welcoming the Move of Online Learning

For many students and parents, online learning may not be so comfortable. Hence a teacher needs to build trust. The students get the desired support to be successful from friendly teachers and give instruction with clarity. The teachers need to make personal connections and provide a supportive space for learning as soon as the school starts.

5. Tutors Need to be Easily Accessible

Being available on time whenever the students need any clarification is crucial for an online teacher/tutor. Since students are learning online, the teacher must provide how to reach them and provide quick responses to the queries that a student raises. Phone calls, video-conferencing, and email are the different mediums by which a teacher can be in touch with students.

The mark of a great teacher is the quick and efficient assistance as they are experts in their subjects. Many of the teachers have set time slots for students who require individual support.

6. Providing Feedback

The teaching is not restricted to providing notes to students. Frequent and consistent feedback is crucial for online education. It is not possible to conduct quizzes and tests daily. But there are several ways in which a teacher can evaluate the performance of students. It helps the students to always be on track.

A teacher in an online environment has to provide suggestions, foresee any issue in teaching. They also need to measure progress regularly. 

Personal Qualities in Teachers

7. Teachers Need to be Encouraging Students

Giving students a positive learning experience even from a remote place makes the teacher best. In an environment where the student is aware that they have a supportive and dedicated teacher, they are not afraid of taking on new challenges.

Students make the virtual class interactive and never hesitate in clearing their doubts. They are at ease when they reach out to the teacher for any queries.

8. Tutor Must Be Passionate for Teaching

The teacher needs to have positive energy and enthusiasm to teach their students in every session. A great teacher is an enthusiast who brings to the table new and exciting ways to make the students learn effectively. Teaching has to be a passion for an individual, and then only he can deliver the right message to the students who are learning.

If a teacher is passionate about the role, he treats every student equally and understands their unique needs to help them in their curriculum. 

Knowledge is Power

In the modern era, we are to cross all the obstacles coming our way with the availability of technology. In the education space, a teacher needs to be proactive to find ways of teaching even if the schools are not functioning because of the pandemic. Their profession calls for flexibility and imparting knowledge to students for a better future.

Teachers play a crucial role in shaping the life of a student. Fortunately, we are in that environment where everything is possible. Therefore, the teachers need to enhance their skills. And get on the mission of giving quality learning for all the students. The continuous teaching and learning by students will help them with the knowledge that will empower our society.