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The classroom is a special place for students . . . and their parents! Grow your class parent group with clear and efficient communication – and these 6 tips:

1.  Make rosters and contact information readily available.  Providing this information, including child’s name with each parent(s), puts class parents immediately in touch with one another for reaching out, connecting and sharing.
2.  Use free online sign up sheets to build communication when it comes to staffing parent volunteers to help out in the classroom.  Whether it’s for weekly readers, field trip chaperones, class party leaders, you name it – making it easy to get signed up and help out reflects on the communication of your parent group as a whole.  Spend less time getting organized  (no more reply all emails) and more time doing good in the classroom.
3.  When parents know how to communicate, give them reasons why they should.  Ask class parents to share their favorite recipes for the teacher and staff breakfast, or find out if they know new and interesting recess game or art project ideas.
4.  Get everyone involved in one project! Whether its combining efforts for teacher appreciation week, a school supply drive or a class service project, bringing parents together gives everyone a chance to contribute their special skills, talents and resources with one another.
5.   Embrace and share new resources with parents and welcome them to share their own – education blogs, parent teacher conference tips, and even class party ideas on Pinterest can help connect and inspire parents.
6.  Let everyone know they can help whether it’s in the classroom or at home (see 8 Ways Class Parents Can Help From Home); encourage parents who cannot physically be present in the classroom to connect during time off to find ways to still contribute and make a difference in the classroom!
Fran Lytle is a Behaviorist, Author & Speaker who collaborates with VolunteerSpot ( to increase parent participation in schools, PTAs, PTO, and communities.  VolunteerSpot provides teachers, room parents, school leaders and coaches with free, easy online volunteer sign-up and scheduling tools.  Visit for a live demo.  Fran can be reached at