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5 Twitter Accounts Teachers Should Follow: The Massachusetts Edition
I am a teacher, parent, and founder of My Town Tutors. I have been using twitter for only a few months, and have discovered how incredibly useful it can be for educators. Whether you are new to twitter or extremely experienced, these are five great twitter accounts for any educator.
I hope you find them helpful and I would love your feedback.
1. @bhsprincipal (8,670 followers 100/100 twitter grader ) Patrick Larkin is an educational leader in the area of social media. I enjoy seeing how he uses twitter to connect with other educators and his school community. He also has a very informative blog that you can visit – The Burlington High School Principal’s Blog. I personally know several Massachusetts administrators who have seen him speak and say he is  amazing.
Social media in schools is a current reality. It is a part of our students’ lives these days and educators need to embrace current technology. We need to model how to use social media constructively. @bhsprincipal is great for #parents, #teachers, #administrators. Mr. Larkin uses social media to engage his entire school community.
2. @massteacher (2,377 followers / 97.9/100 twitter grader)  – This is the twitter account for the Massachusetts Teachers Association. As a proud member, I find it critical to check in to see what is new on the political side of the teaching profession in Massachusetts. The MTA website is a great resource for all teachers.
3. @dancallahan (3,472 followers / 100/100 twitter grader)  – Dan is another educator who is using social media to enhance teaching. The EdCamp Boston website shows you a schedule of EdCamp presentations. This program embraces teachers using technology in the classroom and encourages educators to share their experiences and best practices. Edcamp Boston also includes very helpful video clips.
I have not been able to attend a conference yet, however, I hope to participate in the future and with any luck My Town Tutors hopes to be able to help sponsor EdCamp Boston and other EdCamps around the country.
We need resources like EdCamp Boston to allow teachers to learn and share how technology can improve learning and teaching. (If you live in another state, you can check your area to find the closest Edcamp.)
4. @northeagles (979 followers / 96.8/100 twitter grader) Bill Burkhead is an assistant principal in Plymouth Massachusetts. I am a little biased because he is a Quincy native like me. He has been a successful teacher and football coach who has made the transition to administration. The Burkie Blog is very insightful and talks about relevant issues facing the education system in Massachusetts.
5. @mytowntutors (1,572 followers / 96.2 /100 twitter grader) – Okay this is blatant self-promotion. “Teachers are great tutors!”
We are a great resource for any school community. We tweet educational quotes and resources. We also help parents find local teachers who tutor.
If you are a teacher who tutors – we can help you make several thousand dollars over the course of a school year! Teachers pay a $12 membership fee and keep 100% of their fees.
I would love to hear feedback.
Have a great school year!