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Summer Blogs for Parents & Teachers

My Town Tutors loves parents!
We make it easy for parents to connect with local teachers who tutor. We are always looking to connect with other great resources for parents.
Over the past year we have connected with some great parents. There are so many incredible accounts for parents to follow it was difficult to only select five. In time, we will be adding to our list, but for now please enjoy this accounts that provide some amazing information for parents.
For each account, we have included the twitter profile along with the number of followers.
1. @pragmaticmom – “I blog excessively about children’s and YA books. When I cover education and parenting, KidLit somehow slips in. Boston, MA ·” (39,000+ followers)
My Town Tutors shared a guest blog with @pragmaticmom called Avoid Summer Learning Loss: Use a Summer Journal.
@pragmaticmom returned the favor with a guest post of her own called Summer Reading List for Kids of Fun Books with Science and Math Concepts
2. @familyfocusblog “Nashville Mom Blogger. Social Media Maven. Parenting, family travel, going green tips, family fun, and giveaways. Nashville, Tennessee ·” (37,300+ followers)
@familyfocusblog shared a unique and great guest post with us entitled The Benefits of Raising Chickens for Your Family

3. @PARENTandCHILD – “Tweets from Scholastic Parent & Child magazine’s Digital Editor Megan Hess (@mhess4); Senior Editor Samantha Brody; and Digital Manager Tom Booth. New York City ·” (11,600+ followers)
4. @NationalPTA – “As the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation, Parent Teacher Association (PTA). contact us, RT does not = Endorsement Nationwide ·” (4,800+ followers)
5. @CO_MtnMom – “Pixie Dusted Application Developer, mama, wilderness nut, blogger, bookworm, sweets baker, NDM #430 – love travel, playing outside, & all things Disney! Colorado ·” (3,550+ followers)
Tami wrote one of our most popular guest blogs: Should Kids Miss School for a Disney Trip?
Please check back in a few weeks as we add to our list of great parent twitter accounts.

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