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Teaching with Technology

Teaching with technology isn’t just about staying updated on the recent tools; it’s about knowing when and where to successfully incorporate the best tools to make teaching effective. In this age of multimedia, a new kind of teaching method has emerged. It is called digital learning or e-learning. It adds elements of sound, video, and photo images to draw the student’s attention into it. It’s an excellent tool to encourage students to take learning to a new level as well as a way to bring technology into the curriculum.

Let us show you how easy it is to incorporate technology in teaching!

1. One place for everything

A well designed Learning Management System like E-three will have the tools and services you need to create and manage, courses, updates, announcements, group discussions, assignment systems, quizzes, tests and exams, presentations, results and feedback, etc. on one platform, with one user account for each student.

2. More consistently organized courses

E-three LMS allows teachers to create courses with activities, assessment, etc., that are coherently organized and self explanatory. Courses and course content can be easily uploaded and altered. More responsive and adaptive approaches to develop an effective e-learning programme can be adopted. Teachers and students can pursue a concise timeline of activities and upcoming lectures or projects, and review previous work for critical feedback with a single platform.

3. Record maintenance

E-three provides a single centralized record keeping system that is easier to manage, analyze and understand. E-three LMS will enable teachers to look up individual users or groups to see their activities and examine learning outcomes; Teachers can see their learners’ grades and monitor their progress while learners can see their own grades and learning outcomes.

4. Effective communication

E-three LMS allows teachers to send messages or make announcements to groups of students that are enrolled for the same course. These internal channels of communication are easier to find, respond and to report. Teachers can give feedback in relation to particular assignments, activities and learning outcomes. Students can communicate with each other through the same tool. Planning and co-coordinating on activities related to studies suddenly becomes easier.
5. Assessment tool

One of the better known strengths of e-three-learning-platform. is the integrated assessment-engine.php a Secured Online Exam Module. This assessment tool can reduce a lot of the administrative work involved in assessment. Some types of descriptive assessments can be completely automated with self marking quizzes, tests and exams so students can get their results immediately and teachers only have to analyze the results. There’s less marking to do and no need to enter the results into a database; it’s already done. An added bonus is that it can greatly reduce the amount of paper wasted during examinations. Additionally, E-three LMS enables secured exams, where the computer switches to a safe mode where only exam is accessible.

These are just a few of the benefits that E-three LMS can have for educational departments and organizations of any size. There are many more that won’t be immediately apparent until you get your hands on it. What are you waiting for? Find out more about our products on

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