In all likelihood, you’re reading this because you’re inclined to computers, like taking them apart or figuring out how softwares work and how to fix bugs, or you think you may have a knack for technology and want to explore some basic job options that can help you start out. Being a computer technician can be an incredibly fulfilling and fun job, provided you love and know what you do. If this is your first foray into the computer tech’s world and you’re looking for some insights, pointers and general help, read on.

1. Understand the difference: You are not a programmer or web designer, someone who works intricately with designing and creating new software, websites or websites (respectively). Network administrators are those people who take care of networks in an organization, and help with the operations of a network’s different servers. Being a computer technician requires you to help repair broken computers and other related computer devices as well as upgrade and configure them.

2. You’ll need to be in decent physical shape: You may require to move heavy computers around, especially if you’re working in an older office that hasn’t upgraded its instruments. Crawling under desks, squeezing inside narrow cubicles, and being able to take apart small pieces of hardware without nervously fumbling will be part of your schedule.

3. You don’t need to go to a four-year college to become a computer technician. This is the best part about this job. If you find a mentor or teacher kind enough, you can learn a lot about this profession while working. Employers do like it if you’re certified though. CompTIA A+ certification is the very basic kinds available; you can choose to get advanced certifications as you progress and grow in experience and knowledge.

4. Supplemental skills: You may want to start learning about other operating systems that geeks prefer, like Linux, Ubuntu, even MacOS. Being versatile with knowledge is important, so leave your loyalties behind. You’ll want to learn basic skills like soldering, wiring, drilling, cutting and filing.

5. Salaries: A computer technician’s salary varies widely from state to state, business to business and experience to experience. If you’re working in a mid-sized company where you report to a boss, you can make upwards of $30K a year. However, if you’re doing this part time in the evenings or on weekends, you will most likely bill by the computer problem or the hour. If you’re passionate about it, enough experience on the job can translate into a full-time position at a formal repairing/networking company.

7. Computer Users Manuals: Old school, but simply sitting down with a computer manual will be a tremendous help. These manuals are written by teams of experienced individuals. You will be glad you did.

Good computer technicians understand that it’s important to keep abreast of what the latest trends are, constantly reading up online and experimenting with new ideas and products. Remember that it’s a versatile job that will always be in demand, so you’ll never have to worry about job security if you’re a fast learner and have good foundations in computer technology.


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