@JonLJenMarc began a twitter journey on November 7, 2013. Before that day, they knew nothing about twitter or how it could help make connections with teachers in Massachusetts, American, and around the world.
In the weeks before joining twitter, @JonLJenMarc read the twitter 101 page listed with My Town Tutors, a website that makes it easy for parents to connect with local teachers who tutor.
Here is one tip that is critical before starting your own twitter journey.
1. What is your purpose? The first thing you need to identify is what is your purpose or goal with twitter.
In the case of JonLJenMarc, the purpose is to reach out to parents, educators, and schools in Massachusetts. JonLJenMarc provides some amazing classes and professional development for teachers. So the main goal is to connect with teachers.
2. Who is your audience? Define your target audience.
JonLJenMarc’s audience is Massachusetts teachers, school administrators, and schools, and parents. The focus is on creating content that will be helpful to these groups.
3. What will you tweet? Figure out what specifically you will tweet.
JonLJenMarc wants to provide content that is useful to to teachers and parents. They will often provide quotes relating teaching as well as articles of interest and upcoming courses.
4. What is your follow policy? Who will you follow? Will you follow back anyone who follows you? Do their interests really matter?
JonLJenMarc’s policy is to follow educators, educational groups, teachers unions, parents, parent interest groups and educational interest groups.  Our goal is to connect with parents and teachers. Do not be offended if they do not follow everyone back.
5. What is your time commitment? How much time will you devote to twitter.
Some people and companies can spend every waking hour on twitter. JonLJenMarc will try to interact as often as possible, however we do not want to be entirely consumed. Hopefully, we provide teachers and parents with some useful information.
If you are a teacher who tutors, register with us for just $12 for a year. This is the only fee! Teachers keep 100% of the money. One of our teachers made $5,000 last year tutoring.
Parents, “teachers are great tutors!” Find one in your area today!