Welcome to Twitter. I have been using twitter for about 6 months and have found the following tools to be invaluable. I hope some can help you navigate through the world of twitter.
1. Tweetgrader – This is a service that ranks your tweet power. It is provided by HubSpot, the best website to get inbound marketing ideas. Simply type in your twitter name and in a few seconds you will receive a report of your twitter account based on many factors.
Do not be discouraged, it is merely a starting point or measuring point. You can visit this link every so often (2-3 times a month) to check on your progress. I have found it very helpful. I hope you do too.
2. Twuffer – This tool has been the most beneficial (see tool #4). Twuffer allows you to schedule tweets. The content of My Town Tutors is geared to educators and parents. I love jokes, the worse the better. Twuffer has allowed me to schedule a school joke of the day (6:00 AM daily). Twuffer always us to share information daily whether we are on vacation, in a meeting, or sleeping. We like to provide useful information to our followers all the time. Twuffer easily allows us to provide regular, consistent content.
3. Just Unfollow – This is a helpful website to show the people who you follow that are not following back. At My Town Tutors we follow connected educators, teachers, educational interest groups, moms, parents, and guidance counselors. Some groups such as a state teacher union probably will not follow back immediately, or ever, however we value these groups and will follow them no matter what. However, if we follow an individual teacher, and after several days do not receive a follow back, we will use just unfollow to remove them from our list of followers.
It is our philosophy to have a 1:1 following ratio, that is why we find this sight so useful. We will follow about 100 – 200 teachers per week and at the end of the week, we will use justunfollow to maintain our 1:1 ratio.
4. A Clock – Old school, but CRITICAL. Set a time limit and stick to it. Twitter is part of your business or personal life. It is not your life. Remember to spend time the people you love. Read books, exercise, or write a guest blog.
Twitter can be very helpful to many people and businesses, just don’t get lost in it.
I hope this is helpful information. I would love feedback and suggestions.