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How to be a Parent Volunteer, Even if You Think You Don’t Have Time
Author: Laurel Rundle, CEO, All for Schools. All for Schools is an online school fundraising platform that makes it easy to earn money for schools you care about through your everyday online shopping activities. Visit allforschools.com to sign up.
If you’re like most parents, there’s nothing you care about more than helping your kids succeed. It’s what motivates you to find a great tutor for your child. It’s also what motivates you to get involved in your family’s school as a parent volunteer. But like most parents, you probably lead a busy life. Between work, soccer practice and dinner time, you probably don’t have as many hours left in the day as you’d like to devote to improving your family’s school.
Don’t worry. Getting (and staying) involved doesn’t have to be as time consuming as you might expect. We have ideas for helping your child’s school that don’t require large chunks of time and won’t conflict with your schedule if you work.
Here are four ways to make your family’s school better that will work for any schedule:
1. Organize PTA Events Digitally
The internet has made it so much easier to organize a group and prepare for action! PTAs and PTOs often need parent volunteers to manage the organizational aspects of their events. There are some great websites out there that simplify the process, including VolunteerSpot and SignUp_Genius. The good news is that with your tablet in hand, you can do this work anytime and anywhere.
2. Raise Funds While You Shop with All for Schools
Our online portal is dedicated exclusively to school fundraising. We offer deals and coupons that allow parents to contribute to their child’s classroom simply by doing their everyday shopping. Print some coupons for your kitchen staples, or even purchase a fun local Groupon. Either way, we’ll put money right into the hands of the teachers you know and love. Sign up to be notified the moment we launch in your state!
3. Support School Initiatives on Social Media
It doesn’t take much time to spread the word about your school’s needs online, but the results can be powerful. On behalf of your parent community, spearhead using social media as a tool to further school initiatives. For example, actively invite others to follow the PTO’s page or use Facebook to make your extended family aware of fundraising opportunities. Others will follow suit, and teachers and administrators will feel the benefits of having more people attend their events and help meet their needs. Believe it or not, a little extra effort on the social platforms you already visit goes a long way.
4. Get Other Families Involved
Recruiting other moms and dads to volunteer makes a bigger impact than you realize. Even better, make it easier for them to get involved. Get in touch with your school’s teachers, administrators or PTO to find out what they really need. It might be school supplies or help with an event, but either way, connecting specific requests to people who can fulfill them is a huge help – and most of the work can be done over email and social media. By making these issues known, you’ll clarify the situation for other parents and elicit help for the teachers who are focused on your children.
Improving your child’s school in small ways makes a big difference in the end. We applaud your efforts and would love to work together. Join our community at AllforSchools.com, follow us on Twitter, and get ready to make a difference for the teachers and kids you care about most!
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It is FREE for parents to search for a teacher in their area. Please help us find ONE MORE teacher who tutors!