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Click here for an updated list of elementary spelling words by grade!
Skill: Long /o/ sound spelled with oa, ow, and o.

Review Units 1 – 5

Unit #1: Skills: Short Vowels a, e, and i.

  1. last
  2. thin
  3. head (elephant word)
  4. left
  5. friend (elephant word)
  6. class

Unit #2: Skills: Short Vowels o and u.

  1. luck
  2. sock
  3. drop
  4. shut
  5. does (elephant word)
  6. front (elephant word)

Unit #3: Skill: Vowel-consonant e patterns for /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/, you and elephant words /yoo/ when o-consonant e spells the /u/ sound (I cannot include the appropriate symbols over the letters, sorry.)

  1. save
  2. cube
  3. smoke
  4. smile
  5. come (elephant word)
  6. love (elephant word)

Unit #4: Skill: Long /o/ sound spelled with oa, ow, and o.

  1. leave
  2. paid
  3. clay
  4. seem
  5. eight (elephant word)
  6. weigh (elephant word) mnemonic device : “i before e, Except after c, Or when sounded as “a,” As in neighbor and weigh.”

Unit #5: Skill: Long /o/ sound spelled with oa, ow, and o.


  1. coach
  2. most
  3. sew (elephant word) mnemonic device “It is sooooooooo Easy.” The helps to remember it is an e and not an o)
  4. own
  5. though (elephant word)
  6. soap

Challenge Words from Units 1 – 5

  1. empty
  2. crayon
  3. crumb
  4. program
  5. escape

Elephant words: According to legend, elephants never forget. The elephant (select an image) on the list remind you to pay special attention to the spelling of Elephant Words because these words do not follow the spelling pattern for the unit.
Click here for a complete list of 3rd grade spelling words.