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Basketball Jokes: Why did the basketball player go to jail?…  Because he shot the ball! (Top Basketball Jokes for Kids)
Coaching Youth Basketball Resources
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Coaching youth basketball can be an extremely challengin
Coaching youth basketball can be a huge challenge. The biggest challenge I feel is what can the players you are coaching learn. The following simple rules are designed for a 3rd grade travel team.
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Team Defensive Rules

  1. STOP THE BALL! This is the #1 rule on defense. Do not hesitate to leave your man if someone is dribbling to the basket. Our #1 job is to STOP THE BALL!
  2. RUN TO THE PAINT! Whenever the other team gets a rebound when we are on offense, SPRINT AS FAST AS YOU CAN to the paint!
  3. “BUM” DEFENSE: BALL – YOU – MAN! Always be in between the ball and your man.
  4. PRESSURE THE BALL! When your man has the ball get right up in his face. Remember your teammates will help you STOP THE BALL!
  5. “POINT YOUR PISTOLS!” When your man does not have the ball, point one “pistol” to your man and one “pistol to the ball. Step back far enough so you can see your man and the ball.
  6. NEVER, EVER BE ABOVE THE LINE OF THE BALL! Never cover your man if the ball is closer to the basket. Let your player go above the ball. Remember our #1 goal is to STOP THE BALL!
  7. BE ON THE BASKET LINE! When you are HELP SIDE DEFENSE, and the ball is away from you, move to the basketball line. Be sure to have your pistols out to see both the ball and man.
  8. SINK TO THE BASKET! Whenever a player drives to the basket, ALL 5 PLAYERS should drop to the level of the ball.
  9. BOX OUT & REBOUND: When a shot is taken, try to box out your player. Get your butt low and hands high. Be aggressive going for a rebound.
  10. FAST BREAK! Once we get a rebound, give the ball to a guard or dribble the ball yourself. We want to push the ball as FAST as we can. Remember it is quicker to pass the ball so if a teammate is open ahead of you, pass the ball.