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Writing Advice for College Students
Author Bio: Donald Jackson was in a frantic search of a job in the finance arena. Here he has described the result if his search. To fund his education he had utilized the money that he had received through debt consolidation.
Finance has in store for you a number of lucrative job opportunities across different sectors like banking, marketing, insurance, corporate finance, financial planning, real estate and investment. A formal degree is required to pursue a career in this field. Bachelor’s degree is considered to be the first step in this field. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the subject as well as imparts the skill and expertise that are required to thrive in this field. A Master’s degree provides specialization that focuses on a specific field in finance. Few common degrees that are widely pursued by students are Master in Business Administration and Master’s in Finance. They help in developing the managerial skill and cater information regarding the advanced level finance related issues.
Assess your ability
Among the different financial options that are available, it is important to choose the one that will help you to achieve the career goal. The job title and responsibility for a particular profession might vary based on the organization that you have opted for. Prior to applying for a particular job, it is important to assess yourself, your skills and expertise as this will help you to set a realistic expectation regarding your career and choose a career path accordingly.
Various career options to choose from
Few of the noted career options in the field of finance are market research analyst, operations research analyst, accountant, financial advisor, business operations manager, bookkeeping, audit clerk, financial manager, marketing manager, investment bankers, stock analysts, money managers, securities traders and careers in banking and insurance. For few of the career options, it is important to have a certification. For instance, you can pursue certification from accredited institutes and be recognized as Certified Financial Planner and Certified Financial Analyst respectively. Security traders and stock brokers also need to have the requisite certification from regulatory bodies to pursue a career.
Required skill sets and abilities
To perform efficiently in the finance world, there are few transferable skills that you need to develop. Regardless of your job title or your position in the organizational ladder there are few personal attributes and skill sets that you need to develop to flourish in this field. You need to have excellent verbal and written communication skill, analytical skill and logical approach towards solving problems. It is important to have the ability to work in a team and also you need to be self-motivated. Assertiveness, honesty, integrity and sensitivity are few attribute that you need to have. It is also essential to have sound knowledge of the IT and software that are used in this field.
Explore new opportunities
For the professionals, it is important to have a fair knowledge regarding the changes in the global market, as well as latest trends. Since the finance is dynamic in nature, you can explore different job opportunities. Professionals have the scope of exploring different international prospects with reputed organization and clients. Project management is another aspect that they need to undertake as part of their job responsibility. If you are planning for an entry level job, then an internship can be of great help to you.
Gain knowledge through internship
Various organizations provide training programs and orientation to the newly recruits regarding the nature of the job and the responsibilities entailed in this job. The internship programs can also help to get a real time experience of the job, especially for those who lack prior experiences. Spotting a job in the field of finances is easy. Few of the courses are followed by placement on reputed organization. You can also go through the websites of the organization and scan through the advertisements regarding the vacancy of different job titles. Portals that publish advertisements for job can also be helpful in this regard.