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It can be very useful to incorporate units that engage students with interactive lessons using the internet. These activities often take a great deal of preparation and you may encounter a few bumps along the way, but the results are worth the investment.
The following activities are designed for a 9th grade US History I class, but I am sure it could be used with middle school students, as well as other grades.
If you are comfortable using, it is a great way to share the activity. The students can click on the links and will be guaranteed to connect to the appropriate site. (WHEN SHARING A DOCUMENT, BE SURE TO CLICK THE “CAN VIEW” OPTION, NOT THE “CAN EDIT.” Your work could be deleted if a student accidentally hits the wrong button!)
Here is the lesson / Google.doc that I share with the students (for a copy email I hope you find it useful.
Before completing EACH SECTION copy (command c) and paste (command v) the section into a new document. Save the document as “Your name” Civil War.
Complete the questions for each activity in your document. After finishing one activity, return to this document and complete the next section. Keep all your answers in ONE DOCUMENT! I will grade your computer screen at the end of class. DO NOT SHARE your document!

ACTIVITY #1 Who am I? A History Mystery

For ALL SIX PEOPLE: Read the clue, then look at the evidence to select the two items that are connected with each person. In YOUR document, list the two pieces of evidence with an explanation of each item. After listing the items, select the person who you think best fits the clues and items. Once you select the correct person, list the name and position of the person.
Evidence #1 (expo marker) – This marker was used to write information on                             a white board.
Evidence #2 (laptop computer) – This device stored activities, grades, seating                   charts and also had access to the internet.
Person: Mr. History, High School Teacher, USA
For each person, list the 2 pieces of evidence with an explanation of each.
When you complete the activity, raise your hand for me to check it.


Before completing activity #3, read the following article and answer the questions below –
In your document answer the following questions
1. What was a gauge and why was it important in America during the civil war period?
2. In Europe, which group of people made sure their gauges were different than the Russians?
3. Explain how the standard gauge sizes for the remainder of Europe impacted Hitler during World War II.

Activity #3

The American Civil War: on the eve of the war

Click the above link. Once you reach the page, click the “view resource” button. Follow the directions below and answer the questions that apply to each tab. The tabs are listed at the bottom of the page.
1. What information is presented in this chart?
2. List two observations you can make from viewing the information on the map and chart.
1. What information is presented in this chart?
2. What is the total number of slaves in 1860?
3. What basic OBVIOUS information is presented in this map?
4. Scrolling over the states, list the 2 states with the highest slave populations and the 2 Southern states with the lowest slave populations.
5. List the slave populations for the states in the North and territories. DO NOT LIST THE STATES WITH ZERO SLAVES!
1. List the Northern state with the lowest percentage of free blacks. Also list the percentage.
2. List the THREE Southern states with the highest percentage of free blacks. List the state and the percentage.
1. List the three states with the largest immigration populations. List them from highest population to the lowest.
2. List in order for ALL states, the 2 highest nations that immigrants came from.
1. Assuming the cost of the land is determined by the quality of the farmland is best (i.e the best land costs the most). What 3 states would you choose to start a farm.
2. Which 2 states would be the LEAST desirable to begin farming.
1. Click on the 2 green icons in the map key. List the SIX states that fall in this category.
2. List the 4 states that are LEAST reliant on Cotton production (i.e. the states that do not have a great deal of cotton production on their land.)
1. What 2 types of information are presented in this graph.
2. What information do the bar graphs present?
3. Using the bar graphs, what can be concluded about the North and South.
4. List the 3 states that the most factories workers in 1860.