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November 2011

The Cure for Math Anxiety

Matthew Mandelbaum and Jamie Cohen are parents and learning specialists and are the creators of Jumping Joey’s Number Line. Jumping Joey’s Number Line is an innovative, child-centered, multi-sensory arithmetic learning system for Pre-K through Elementary. Jumping Joey’s Number Line fosters enjoyable, engaging, effective and efficient mathematical experiences, where students are motivated and build a strong math foundation with long-term understanding. Students feel successful and excited about learning opportunities, and confident in their emerging abilities. Visit

Teaching Students to Teach Themselves

Dan Fullerton is a science teacher at Irondequoit High School & founder of He also is the author of “Honors Physics Essentials” and “The APlusPhysics Guide to Regents Physics Essentials.” Visit

Technology in the Classroom: Why and How?

Eric Kittlaus is the founder of Calcblog, which provides online math and graphing calculator tutorials for students and educators. He is a National Merit Scholar and is currently studying Math and Physics on a full tuition scholarship at Santa Clara University. His book, Ace the SAT Using Your TI Calculator, is now available through and Barnes & Noble. Visit Calcblog at

December 2011

Living History: Using Historical Fiction in the Classroom

Shelley Stout is a former teacher and published author of short stories, novels, magazine articles, and blogs. She presents workshops to teachers and enjoys being a writing mentor and tutor for children and adults. Shelley is available to speak to students via Skype.

The Art of Teaching Second Language Learners

Lori Wolfe a public elementary ELD teacher in Ashland, Oregon. She has taught K-5th grades in dual immersion programs and bilingual classrooms. She has also taught as a Title One Bilingual Support teacher in Reading and Math.
She has authored 26 bilingual thematic units for Kingsley Publishing, and has written a series of reproducible bilingual Math Games. Lori has presented at numerous conferences including: •NCTM national convention •NABE National Association of Bilingual Education •TABE Texas Association of Bilingual Education •CABE California Association of Bilingual Education •Two-Way CABE •Illinois State Bilingual Conference In addition, she presents workshops on Strategic English Language Development. •Spotlight on ELD: Make and Take Workshop Oregon •Fun To Teach ELD Workshops Oregon and California

Top 5 reasons why your child could benefit from tutoring

Tracy Schutz is a veteran middle school teacher who is passionate about at-risk students, e-learning, ed technology, and social media.  -Looking for educational news and information?  Find more here:  You can also follow Tracy on Twitter @tracyschutz or at

Teach the “Art” of Giving: 5 Artistic Activities for Holiday Giving

Sara Eberle is the host of MommaJam, a parenting podcast that covers MOP Culture (mom pop culture).  She also reports on parenting topics every other Thursday on the South Shore’s 95.9 WATD-FM radio station live at 7:10 a.m.

January 2012

Should Kids Miss School for a Disney Trip?

Tami is an Application Developer by day, Family Nurturer by night.  She is married with 2 small kids and lives in Colorado.  She loves reading and the great outdoors, and has a blog chronicling some of her fun adventures.  It features storytelling about family, humor, outdoors fun, wild toddlers, baking, naughty dogs, travel, kid’s perspectives, good reads, a giveaway every now and then, and all things Disney!  You can find her at The Colorado Mountain Mom.

Student Grades: How to Turn Around a Midyear SLUMP

Marc Hoberman is the Owner / Director of Grade Success Tutoring and Educational Consulting. His One Minute Educator Videos help students, parents, and teachers reach their full potential. Marc is available for Private or Group Educational Consulting via webcam or phone. Visit for more information.

How to Beat the Sugar Blues

Barbara Rodriguez is the organic celebrity nanny.  Her new book, The Organic Nanny’s Guide to Raising Healthy Kids: Reclaim a Natural Diet and Lifestyle for Your Child, is going to be released soon.  You can find out more great organic parenting tips and sign up for her newsletter on the website- The Organic Nanny.

Why Do We Do Things the Way We Do?

Amy Berrell is currently preparing to teach 3rd grade for the second year at a Christian School in New South Wales, Australia. She is passionate about incorporating innovative practices and technology into my classroom in a real and meaningful way. Throughout the year my class blog will have pictures of my classroom and insights into the new practices being undertaken in our class.

Bullying Behavior: Behavior That No One Forgets!

Jim Burns is best known for his presentations on Bullying, Motivating Disaffected Students, Defusing Power Struggles, Character Education, and Leadership. Jim has worked as a teacher and administrator since 1977. He is also an accomplished college instructor who teaches graduate level courses. He just completed writing and co-designing “The Bully Proof Classroom,” a graduate course that is now being offered at The College of New Jersey in partnership with The Regional Training Center.  He has recently published a new book titled The New 3Rs in Education: Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships.  This book is designed to create an awareness of the problems that teachers face today, and to give teachers the tools to create a classroom climate that is safe, secure, and conducive to learning. Please visit his website at

It’s an Honor to be a Mentor!

Gil Duzanski is a software engineer from Waltham, Mass, interested in education and mentoring.  Gil is a CEO and founder of, a startup that helps high school students explore careers and discover their interests and passions through job shadowing opportunities with local businesses.


August 2012

Can Your Child Read Too Much!

Brian Burton loves reading children’s books and running the blog at

A Tutor Can Make a World of Difference to a Child!

Jerry can be followed on twitter at or on his website

The State of K – 12 Education

Scott is a 29-year-old working at the education technology start up,

Self-Reliance and Independence: Giving Your Teen the Ultimate Gift!

Debra Beck is a teen and parenting mentor who now runs her popular parenting website,

Patrick Larkin’s Top 5 Twitter Accounts for Teachers

Patrick Larkin BPS Asst. Supt. NASSP National Digital Principal Award Winner.

Tutoring in College

Alexander Diedrick is a writing intern for, a free career and education resource for students of all ages.

Digital Parenting: The Digital Parent in You!

Giselle is an Edtech consultant, teacher, E-tutor and social media and technology enthusiast! You can find her on twitter and follow her blog posts. Feel free to connect!

Taking the Crazy Out of the School Supply Lists and Teacher Wish Lists

Dyanne Griffin is the Program Director and social media guru for

Tips for Math Tutors

Kelsey  is the editor in chief for find a nanny.

July 2012

Guest Blog: Incorporating Technology into Learning Makes it Easy and Attractive

Leona Sharon is a content provider for latest trends in online learning.  She explains the advantages of online distance learning courses which you can pursue anywhere in the world. In this passage she describes how implementing technology in learning is a good way to make it more interesting to students.

Guest Blog: What if the Doctor Told You to Just Sit Still?

Cassandra Tribe is a Certified Meditation Instructor, Level 3 Reiki Master and 6th descendent of Mikao Usui Rōshi. She was granted Inka Shomei by Master Adele Malone of the Kaigen Sangha, UK in 2005(Kaigon/Rinzai). She studied at the Omega Institute during the 80s, received private instruction from Seosga Hyeung Kim in Korea from 1998-2001 and is in community with the Miccosukee, Mi’kmaq and Zia of the First Nations. She holds a Masters of Divinity, is an ordained Chaplain certified by Hague Apostille and has additional certifications in Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, Grief Counseling, Alzheimer’s and Thanatology. She is also a poet, artist and human rights activist.

Guest Blog: Eye Health Problems Kids Face After Excessive IPad Use

Angelina Jennifer writes regularly on the importance of maintaining eye health for a variety of websites and blogs. She believes that simple preventative measures such as building screen breaks into our routine and wearing appropriate vision aids such as focus dailies aquacomfort plus can greatly reduce the chance of long-term vision problems.

Guest Blog: What to Think About When Choosing a Major

Ashley Murrell – Originally from Seattle, WA, Ashley is a writer for Hotcouses Ltd, based in London, England covering topics about studying abroad in the USA as well as current higher education issues for She loves a good cuppa and is looking forward to the 2012 Olympic craziness.

Guest Blog: The MTA Summer Conference is AWESOME for New Massachusetts Teachers

Massachusetts Teachers Association – Space is very limited, contact Beth Shevlin at or Diane Gately at today with questions or to reserve your seat.

Guest Blog: The Big “O”: Teacher Evaluations

Mr Tan the Music Man is a Music Teacher from Norwich, England and specializes in Primary Education. He has recently released a songbook that covers many popular Primary School topics and it includes teaching notes for non-musicians to be able to competently and confidently teach music to their class! Connect with him on twitter @mrtanthmusicman.

Guest Blog: Jenmarc has Great Education Programs for Massachusetts Teachers!

Gary Gilardi is the Director of Program Marketing for Jon L. Jenmarc, Inc., Consultants in Education. He also works as a Professional Development Consultant for the Massachusetts Teachers Association. He was a music teacher for 21 years and later retired as a Guidance Counselor.
June 2012

Guest Blog: Summer Reading List for Kids of Fun Books with Science and Math Concepts

Pragmatic Mom blogs obsessively on children’s and young adult books when she’s not secretly trying to get her three children to learn math and science concepts through books and activities. Connect with her on twitter @pragmaticmom.

Guest Blog: Advocate for Teens, But Don’t Serve Up Excuses!

Sam Ross, popularly known as the ‘Teenage Whisperer’ is an expert in connecting with and helping the most challenging, disengaged and troubled teens to turn their lives around. She has worked in both educational and youth justice settings, both with young people and their parents or carers. Really understanding teens is the beginning, middle and end of her work and she helps professionals and parents achieve this through her website, providing advice, insight and resources: You can also connect with her on Twitter: @Teen_Whisperer or Facebook: where she regularly tweets/posts about all sorts of issues affecting teens.

Guest Blog: How Going Outdoors Can Combat a Reluctance to Studying

Jack Oldham is a journalism graduate blogging on behalf of Canopies UK, who specialize in a number of canopies, carports, smoking shelters and many more structures.

Guest Blog: Summer Tutoring: Beneficial or Harmful?

Kathryn Rinaldi is a blogger for Plus Plus Tutoring, a private in-home tutoring service in the United States.

Guest Blog: How Reading Affects Your Child’s Success!

Brian Burton loves reading children’s books and running the blog at He often writes on the topics of kids books and parenting.

Guest Blog: Dyslexia-ville Builds Self-Esteem: Looking to Spread the Word to Parents & Teachers!

Mara Waldhorn is an independent filmmaker and educator.  Currently she works as the Associate Producer for filmmaker Peggy Stern’s new multimedia web project Dyslexia-ville, which once funded, will be the launching pad to success for the millions of dyslexics around the world.  For more information about D-ville, email Mara at, find us on Facebook at, or follow us on Twitter @dyslexiaville.

Guest Blog: Building the Next Generation of Problem Solvers

Laura Sherman wrote Chess Is Child’s Play with Bill Kilpatrick. Chess Is Child’s Play teaches any parent, of any skill level, to teach any child, of any age, to play chess.
May 2012

Guest Blog: The Great Debate: Two Year versus Four Year Degrees!

Ashley Murrell is originally from Seattle, WA. She is a writer for Hotcourses Ltd, based in London, England covering topics about studying abroad in the USA as well as current higher education issues for She loves a good cuppa and is looking forward to the 2012 Olympic craziness.

Guest Blog: I was a Reluctant Reader: There I Said it!

Martha Rodriquez is the author of A Reel Cool Summer. Connect with her on twitter @AReelCoolSummer.

Guest Blog: My Home Schooling Adventure

Lori Clayton After 15 years of home schooling Lori resumed a career in finance.  While home schooling Lori volunteered in a three part home school program consisting of enrichment classes for home schooled children, field trips and activities, and an umbrella school for record keeping.  Lori taught guitar and keyboard classes and has been thrilled to see her former students continuing to pursue music 10 years  later. Now semi retired Lori pursues her passion of biblical research and blogging, along with hiking and photography. You can connect with Lori on twitter @mywinsomeheart.

Guest Blog: Great Infograph on Teen Drug Abuse

The infogragh was a collaborative effort of writers and graphic designers of

Guest Blog: Simple Tips for Effective Final Study

Jack Oldham is a journalism graduate blogging on behalf of Banana Moon, who specialize in a range of personalized clothing including printed t-shirts, sports kit and school leavers hoodies. Banana Moon is on twitter @Banana_moon.

Guest Blog: Flattening the Classroom Walls with Skype and More!

Wezie Morgan returned to work after being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years.  She is currently a certified second grade teacher.  She has a beautiful classroom, works with a talented group of innovative and inspired teachers, and teaches 8-year-olds everyday!
Currently she is using Twitter to build her PLN (Personal Learning Network).  This network will help her not only be a better teacher, but also a teacher who can teach today’s students!

Guest Blog: 4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Tutor

Katheryn Rivas, writes on the topics of online university.  She welcomes your comments at her email:

Guest Blog: Chess Gives Children Self-Confidence

Laura Sherman wrote Chess Is Child’s Play with Bill Kilpatrick. Chess Is Child’s Play teaches any parent, of any skill level, to teach any child, of any age, to play chess.

Guest Blog: Using Interactive Notebooks in the Content Area

Michelle Ownby White is a fifth grade teacher in Huntsville, Alabama. She has been teaching for ten years. Her education includes a Bachelors, Masters, and Educational Specialist Degree in Elementary Education. She loves reading, teaching, and photography. Mrs. White is the sponsor of the Shutterbugs Photography Club and Hawk Eye News Morning Announcement team at her school. She enjoys learning new things and implementing new technology in the classroom.  Visit to see her classroom blog. You can also follow her class on Twitter @MWhiteMES.
April 2012

Guest Blog: The Importance of Peer Social Relationships for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

Heather McCracken is the founder and executive director of the Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society. Heather is the creator of the Friend 2 Friend model and programs and a mother of three (Katie, Iain and Emma); her son Iain is on the autism spectrum. Heather is widely published and the autism of “That’s What’s Different About Me”, “Can I Play Too?” an “Demystifying Autism: The Friend 2 Friend Simulation Game Program” and coauthor of “Learners on the Autism Spectrum: Preparing Highly Qualified Educators”. She is an international speaker/trainer and actively designs and delivers social and communication based programs to children ages 3 through 18 in schools and other community settings throughout North America and abroad. For more information visit about the Friend 2 Friend Programs

Guest Blog: Our First Skype Lesson & What We Learned

Wezie Morgan returned to work after being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years.  She is currently a certified second grade teacher.  She has a beautiful classroom, works with a talented group of innovative and inspired teachers, and teaches 8-year-olds everyday!
Currently she is using Twitter to build her PLN (Personal Learning Network).  This network will help her not only be a better teacher, but also a teacher who can teach today’s students!

Guest Blog: Helping Children & Teens to Deal with Stress

Michelle Croze is the owner / practitioner at Harmony Way and has been a classroom teacher in both public and private school settings for over ten years.  Try out different types of free guided meditations on her website with your children or students to see what you like and what works. There are several posted on her main website: She has more information about other issues related to education and parenting issues, health and psychology topics, alternative/holistic healing modalities, and stress relief and relaxation techniques and tips on her blog website: She has many terrific links for parents and teachers to check out on both websites. Contact her at any time through either website or via email:

March 2012

Guest Blog: World Autism Day

Lorrie Servati is a mom, substitute teacher and autism advocate for her nine year old son. Lorrie shares her son’s progress on his autism journey since he was diagnosed four years ago. Visit her blog, Nathan’s Voice, for online Resources for Families.

Guest Blog: Encouraging Your Reluctant Reader

Gail Terp is a retired elementary teacher. She writes kids’ books and is passionate about connecting kids to books they love. Her blog is Best Blog for Kids Who Hate to Read. She posts 3 days a week:
Monday – Kids’ book recommendations
Wednesday – Parent information
Friday – Fun stuff: jokes, websites, games

Guest Blog: FireFox Add-on for Teachers

Carol Mortensen has twenty-three years of educational experience.  The Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) named Carol the Classroom Teacher of the Year for her innovative and creative use of technology to create a 24/7 virtual classroom using her classroom website. Carol has presented at school districts throughout Texas as well as state and local conferences on a variety of technology integration topics. Her article on the use of websites as an instructional tool was recently published in the TechEdge Magazine.  In February 2011, her article, Lessons Learning In a 1:1 Classroom, was published by TechEdge.  The article was republished in ISTE’s Learning  and Leading magazine in August 2011.  She was named Fairmont Junior High’s Teacher of the Year for the 2011-2012 school year.

Guest Blog: How Online Teaching Works

Melissa Spears holds a keen interest towards the advancement of distance learning programs all across the world. In this write-up she tries to explain the fact that online teaching is all about getting your steps right in the educational approach.

Guest Blog: What is MaJenDome?

Mr. Elvin R. Freytes is the founder of MaJenDome – global movement inspiring expectant fathers to read to the womb – and author of Hello My Little One, It’s Me Your Father – the first children’s book for expectant fathers to read to their child still in the womb.

Guest Blog: All kids can SUCCEED – Be the “1”

Bill Burkhead is the Assistant Principal at Plymouth North High School.  He is an 18 year veteran educator, who served as Plymouth North’s Adjustment Counselor before becoming Athletic Director and Head Football Coach for 10 years.  He was the Coordinator of Wellness for the Canton public schools and has taught elementary health and high school physical education.  He is also a volunteer football coach for Plymouth Pop Warner. Connect with him on twitter @northeagles.
February 2012

Guest Blog: How Tutoring Can Save your Retirement as a Teacher

Steven Daar is a published author & blogger on financial issues facing teachers and their retirements. He graduated with a degree in Finance from the University of Illinois in Urbana – Champaign and has since learned from and/or directly collaborated with some of the brightest and most decorated individuals in personal finance. He is also a constant student of his craft, looking for new or better information to pass on to teachers. You can read more from Steve at

Guest Blog: Teaching the Brain How to Learn

Philip Schnipper, CCC-SLP is a certified teacher and licensed speech pathology for the last 25 years. He has been a director of a speech clinic in addition to working in hospitals, nursing homes, and public schools. He has a Master’s Degree from Salem State College as a reading specialist and has done research in brain based teaching and learning. HE developed a learning program entitled Building Better Bridges for Learning which uses a specific language of learning which the brain is more easily able to process and understand. He can be contacted by phone 781-424-3596 or by email at

Guest Blog: Flipping the Classroom to Break Through in Today’s Society

Mayra Aixa Villar is a freelance instructional designer and researcher who is passionate about educational technology.  She is currently finishing a thesis to obtain an MA in Applied Linguistics. Her dissertation is about linguistic modeling and computer-based applications. This project has allowed her to intern at UN HQ, participate in international meetings and collaborate in several research activities. You can also follow Mayra on Twitter @MayraAixaVillar or on

Guest Blog: Civil War Research

Rob Finkill has been teaching since 1996 and teaching 8th grade American History since 1999 in Hershey, PA for the Derry Township School District. Currently, his school has a  1:1 environment of students to laptops. He is a team leader of a multi-disciplinary team and coordinator of our Middle School Leadership Experience for Boys. Besides coaching volleyball and baseball, he has also taught Ancient Civilizations. The past two summers he has had the opportunity to be a Teacher Ranger at Gettysburg National Military Park in Gettysburg, PA. At Gettysburg, he presented programs to visitors and worked to develop  educational programs for school groups. Email Twitter @RobFinkill

Guest Blog: The Benefits of Raising Chickens for Your Family

Scarlet Paolicchi of Family Focus Blog, a green family blog, is a stay at home mom blogger from Nashville who reports on family fun, eco tips, travel, giveaways, and products that you may find helpful or interesting.

Guest Blog: A Montessori Education

Shawn Trudeau is the founder/writer at, a “dad blog” about the experiences of raising kids and offering ideas, insights and opinions to other parents and families on everything “kids”.