Blogs are a great way to expand your knowledge, especially in education. My Town Tutors makes every effort to provide useful and informative blogs for teachers and parents.
In this series, we will be highlighting blogs that we know personally and have found to be extremely beneficial. These educators are extremely experienced and more importantly willing to share their knowledge in a variety of ways. In some cases, we have been fortunate enough to have guest blogs from some of the authors.
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A Principal’s Perspective – Bill Burkhead is currently the Principal of Normandin Middle School in New Bedford, MA. He has experience as an administrator, teacher, varsity football coach, youth coach, and parent. He has a great outlook on education and is very willing to share with other educators. He also is a great account to follow on twitter – @NormandinBill. We are extremely glad to have him as part of our Professional Learning Network.
Bill wrote a great Guest Blog for us: All Kids Can Succeed Be the “1”
Teaching is ElementaryNancy Carroll is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and teacher! She is in her twenty-second year of teaching, and is still very passionate about her students, her job, and about technology. Recently she received a Master’s degree in Assistive Technology. You can connect with her on twitter @ncarroll24.
“This is a blog for teachers, parents and those interested in the happenings in elementary education” She has some great ideas for teachers and parents ofelementary aged children.
Nancy wrote a Guest Blog for us: Connected Educators: 4th Grade Teachers Connect via Twitter
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