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One of friends who is a 1st grade teacher shared this great end of the year activity with us. It works on writing and presentation skills.
We hope you enjoy.
Name:                                                Date:                  Homework
Tomorrow is T-Shirt Day in the first grade! All students have been asked to wear a t-shirt with the name of a place on it. If you do not have one that names a specific place, you could wear a sports team shirt, which can represent the city the team plays for. Think about what you would like to tell the class about your t-shirt at Morning Meeting. Did you get it while you were on vacation, or maybe someone went on a trip and brought it back for you? Is it the jersey of one of your favorite athletes or sports teams?
Write at least 3 sentences about your t-shirt. You will read these sentences to the class at Morning Meeting on Thursday.
(Below are lines for writing. I have not included any.)