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One of friends who is a 1st grade teacher shared this great end of the year activity with us. It works on writing and presentation skills.
We hope you enjoy.
In order to make the last few days of school special, the first grade teachers have planned the following activities for the children.

DAY #1 – Game Day

Children are asked to bring in a board game or a card game (no video games) from home that they know how to play. They will teach their classmates and play the games with each other.

DAY #2 – Movie Day

The Administration is treating all Grade 1 and Grade 2 students to a movie in the auditorium.

B.E.A.R Homework Activity

DAY #3 – B.E.A.R. (Be Excited About Reading!!!)

Children should bring in a stuffed bear or other stuffed animal to school. We will to many activities with our stuffed friends.
T-Shirt Day Homework Activity

DAY #4 – T-Shirt Day

Children should wear a T-shirt from a place (city, state, country, island, etc.) The name of the place should be written on the shirt. Sport team shirts are fine. We will do several activities involving the shirts (locating on map, graphing, tallying, etc.)

DAY #5 – Carnival Day

Our first grade carnival will take place from 9:30 – 12:00 with many fun games and activities.

Have a Wonderful Summer!