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Coaching 1st grade basketball can be challenging. The majority of books focus on teaching older, more skilled players. Here is a checklist of drills that most player in the 1st grade are capable of learning.

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1st Grade Fundamental Checklist

Effort and Enjoyment

  • Can have FUN!

  • Can develop age-appropriate skills

  • Can be a good teammate

  • Can be LOUD and enthusiastic


  • Stationary Dribble (strong hand) with head down

  • Jogging Dribble (strong hand) with head down

  • Lay-up Dribble  (strong hand) with head down

  • Dribble with head down in half court game

  • Dribble WITH violations (traveling double dribble) in half court game





  • Stationary chest pass: Able to make a decent chest pass

  • Stationary bounce pass: Able to make a decent bounce pass, better at selecting the proper point to have the ball bounce (3/4ths the distance).

  • Game chest pass: Unable to regularly make a chest pass in half game. The pass most commonly used pass is a lob pass that is thrown in the general direction of a teammate.

  • Game bounce pass: Rarely attempted in a game situation.


  • Able to have hands up in receiving position.

  • Stationary chest pass: Begins to catch a chest pass fairly consistently

  • Stationary bounce pass: Able to catch a bounce pass consistently

  • Game pass: Seldom able to catch a pass in a game situation.


  • Able to get into a fair defensive stance.

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