One day at the Boston Museum of Science Book store, I came across the book 1000 Awesome Things. There also is a blog posted each day that list more AWESOME!
The website states “1000 Awesome Things is just a time-ticking countdown of 1000 awesome things. Launched June, 2008 and updated every weekday.”
Here is a list of awesome things. We will sharing some of the awesomeness in this blog. If we have skipped a number, we did not feel comfortable sharing that particular thing that is awesome. Please check back for updates!
#1 Anything you want it to be
#2 Remembering how lucky we are to be here right now
#3 The far corners of your mind
#4 Today
#5 Collapsing into bed when you’re completely, massively exhausted
#6 The last day of school
#8 Looking back, smiling, and saying thank you
#9 Crossing off the last item on your list
#10 Canada