New Price Drop for Spell Trekking Multi-Sensory Literacy iPad App

$1.99 Seasonal Special Offer
For the Holiday Season 2012 we have a special price drop for Spell Trekking to $1.99 for the full literacy program.
This is a fantastic opportunity to buy this highly effective, multi-sensory learning method, at an incredible price, for a limited period only.

Multi-Sensory Learning
Spell Trekking is a great way to help children learn to read and spell, using simple multi-sensory methods.
Using sight, sound, touch and voice, lessons on Spell Trekking feel easy and fun. Lots of repetition is built in to make sure children remember what they’ve learnt.

Space Travel Theme
Spell Trekking has an appealing space theme, with cute aliens and graphics making the Spell Trek journey fun. Children start at a suitable level for their spelling abilities, then work through each lesson using the colored keyboard.

Struggling Readers
Even if children have struggled with reading and spelling before, they’ll find it easy with the Spell Trekking method. Lots of praise and confidence-boosting success gives children the ‘can do’ feeling.
Spell Trekking Reviews
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Along with the limited-period price drop to $1.99, we’ve also changed from In App Purchase to a paid app, in response to our reviewers’ comments.
Spell Trekking Video
Check out the Spell Trekking graphics on our You Tube video:
PC/Mac version also available: please email for a 14-day free trial.
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We hope you enjoy using Spell Trekking!

Ros Hynes
Centra Dyslexia Centre
BA (Hons), PGCE (Early Years), AEP Cert (Dyslexia), BDA ATS