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Using great resources like PBS is a great way to engage students. Below is a worksheet that can be used with this great resource for teaching the American Revolution.


Liberty Kids: Road to the Revolution

This PBS interactive is a great way to learn about the American Revolution. The activity includes great sources and a wealth of information. The activity is an interactive. Each student should be actively engaged in the readings!

Answer the questions in detail, however go above and beyond simply answering the questions. Read the primary sources closely and carefully. BE A SPONGE and acquire as much information as possible. You will have a quiz on this material.

In addition to the website questions, there are additional questions. Answer the questions to the best of your ability. For multiple choice questions, circle the correct letter.

Test your knowledge about the American Revolution, and see if you can navigate your way to independence. Every correct answer gets you closer to liberty!

1. It is 1763, why the heck are you so happy?

A. What did Great Britain create, in 1765, that set you on the Road to the Revolution?

a. The Stamp Act

b. The Intolerable Acts

c. The Benny Hill Show

2. Why was the Stamp Act imposed on the colonists?

3. “I like tea…” Complete the Sentence: “A group of outraged Bostonians

B. What was the name of the local political group that organized this demonstration?

The Sons of Pioneers

The Sons of Liberty

The Sons of the American Revolution

4. Who was a member of this group?

5. Boston Chronicle: Read an account of the events in the Boston Chronicle. Write the 1st 3 lines of the headlines.

6. Boston Chronicle: Define to the best of you ability SPITE!

7. Boston Chronicle: What is the date of the Boston Chronicle?

8. Click: Boston Tea Party: Copy the 1st sentence.

9. Boston Tea Party: Complete the sentence: “The Boston Tea Party was a protest of British….

10. Boston Tea Party: List the tea that is currently sold today. SPELL IT as you see it!

11. Boston Chronicle: Click Thomas Hutchison Read the 1st sentence. Use context clues to define“vilified.”

12. Thomas Hutchinson: How would the Patriots view Hutchison?

13. Thomas Hutchinson: Write out the his most well-known passage:

14. Thomas Hutchinson: In your own words write what you think the passage means.

15. Thomas Hutchinson: Assume you are a Patriot. Explain why you are so upset by this passage.

16. Boston Chronicle: Click Benjamin Franklin: Based on the events, why do you think “Franklin felt the wrath of the British Government?”

17. Ben Franklin: What event finally persuaded the French to fully support the Patriot cause in the Revolutionary war?

18. “To be or not to be? Independent” Complete the sentence: Thomas Paine’s pamphlet helps push you and your fellow Americans

C. What was that pamphlet called?

a. Sense and Sensibility

b. The Crisis

c. Common Sense

19. Click on the Philadelphia Chronicle: Write the 1st 3 lines of the headlines:

20. Declaration of Independence: George Washington read the Declaration of Independence to his army. Explain, in detail, what happened following the reading.

21. Thomas Jefferson: List the 2 founding Fathers who died on the 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

22. Thomas Jefferson: Contrast the personalities and backgrounds of Jefferson & Adams.



23. Thomas Jefferson: Copy the correspondence to John Adams to Thomas Jefferson:

24. Thomas Jefferson: What does the correspondence explain about the relationships?

25. The Philadelphia Chronicle: To a degree Congress hand was forced.” What does this phrase mean?

D. As a black man in the newly formed United States, in how many states are you guaranteed freedom from slavery?

a. 13

b. 0

c. 8

26. Click on Jehu Grant. In 2 sentences summarize the importance of his case.

E. About how many Americans would remain faithful to the British crown through the course of the Revolution?

a. 30,635

b. about 1/3

c. 10 per cent

27. It is Christmas 1776, how do you feel?

F. What prompted Washington to take the risk of attacking the Hessians garrisoned there?

a. Risk? What risk?

b. He was being pressed from the north by the British army.

c. He was about to lose you and over half of his army because your enlistment is up.

28. How long was a typical enlistment & what is the end date?

28. Click the Trenton Chronicle: Copy the headlines:

29. Trenton Chronicle: What percent of the Continental Army will “Drift home” after the New Year?

30. Trenton Chronicle: What is George Washington’s military strategy? Complete the sentence “With the fate of America at stake…

30. Trenton Chronicle: Thomas Paine wrote another pamphlet, The Crisis. Copy the famous opening refrain.

G. What happened to Arnold’s leg?

a. It is buried beneath a monument on the grounds of Saratoga National Park.

b. He kept it until the day he died.

c. It was found in the otherwise empty coffin of Thomas Paine.

31. Arnold would later become the most notorious traitor in American history. Using context clues define “notorious.”

32. Who was the most famous women of the Revolutionary period?

H. Was she ___?

a. Mercy Otis Warren

b. Esther de Berdt Reed

c. Barbara Tuchman

I. She was ___

a. The Baroness von Trapp

b. The Baroness von Steuben

c. The Baroness von Riedesel

33. Click on the link to the diary. Explain the condition of General von Riedesel being released from his parole, before being given his release?

34. Copy the phrase Thomas Paine used to describe American

J. Who is Scholar Richard Norton Smith describing?

a. Alexander Hamilton

b. Marquis de Lafayette

c. Comte de Rochambeau

35. Click on the Yorktown Chronicle. Copy the date and headlines.

36.Yorktown Chronicle:  Write General Washington’s response to the celebrations of the soldiers.

37. Yorktown Chronicle: Use Context clues to define “huzzah.”

38. Yorktown Chronicle: “But the plan backfired as loyalist and Patriot forces in the south fought a series of savage fights that left both sides bloodied, but only the Patriots unbowed.” Read the entire paragraph and use context clues to define “unbowed”

39. Yorktown Chronicle: List the 2 ways The Marquis de Lafayette supported American efforts.

K. Who was the friar who established the first mission in Los Angeles in 1781?

a. Junipero Serra

b. Felipe de Neve

c. Ricardo Montalban

40. Learn about Spain:  Explain the reasons why Spain entered the war against Great Britain. Hint: It was NOT because of “a great affinity for the struggling republic.”

L. More importantly, what did the Northwest Ordinance prohibit in these territories?

a. The right to bear arms

b. Slavery

c. Jai-alai

M. What is it that the Bill of Rights guarantees that made you so adamant about its passage?

a. Among other things it guarantees a balance of power between the 3 branches of the federal government.

b. Among other things, it guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to practice a religion of your choosing.

c. Among other things, it guarantees a house, a pretty nice car, and a cat or a dog—your choice—for every eligible citizen of the United States.

N. What is the best way to honor its memory?

a. Learn more about how the American Revolution was made and what it accomplished.

b. Question whether or not the American Revolution achieved all it could hope to achieve.

c. Participate in the ongoing efforts to shape American democracy.

c. Take liberty for granted.

41. Copy the phrase.

Study the Timeline of events: