There are so many great resources for teachers! We love to share some lessons and ideas for Social Studies(and Psychology) teachers!

The National Parks Service Web Rangers has some great activities for students. The activities are under the following categories:

Click on the following links to see how the activities can be used with middle school and high school students.

  1. 1753 – 1754: Adventures of a Young George Washington (Very Good): This is a good activity that looks at George Washington’s mission to ask the French to leave forts in the disputed Ohio River Valley.
  2. April 18, 1775: National Parks Service: A Patriot Spy (EXCELLENT) This is an an activity that takes the student through the streets of Boston on the evening of April 18, 1775. There is great use of primary sources and it is very engaging for the students. Lesson Time (35 – 50 minutes) (Additional WebRanger Activities)
  3. 1809 – 1865: National Parks Service: Help Lincoln Get to the White House – Very Good. The NPS does a great job presenting the important events of the timeline interactive. It takes the student on an interactive journey of Abraham Lincoln’s life from birth to his death.



  1. Alpha Codes Parks have code names. Break the code. Easy
  2. Ancestral Pueblo People Ancestral Pueblo People. Explore the world of Ancestral Pueblo people of New Mexico Hard
  3. Fire Story There’s a fire in a National Park! Medium
  4. Fire Tools Learn about forest fire fighting tools. Easy
  5. Help a Ranger What do rangers do? Find out by helping. Medium
  6. Know Your ParksTest your park smarts. Medium This is simple 5 minute jeopardy style interactive.
  7. Name That Park Add map layers for clues, then name the parks. Hard
  8. Pack a Dog Sled Get ready for a ranger patrol in Alaska. Easy
  9. Protect the Harbor Where would you build the fort? Easy
  10. Reading a Map Find your way to adventure. Medium
  11. Rip Currents Learn about dangerous rip currents and how to stay safe Medium
  12. Scavenger Hunt Find and collect clues on the WebRanger site Special
  13. The Great Smoky Mountain Rebus Solve puzzles to learn about the park. Medium
  14. National Parks Service Uniform: Learn about the many National Park Service uniforms. Medium
  15. The Ten Essentials: Have fun and be safe in your parks. Medium
  16. Water Exploration Explore parks that manage and protect water areas Easy
  17. What to Pack What to pack for a safe hike. Easy
  18. Wildlife in Yellowstone’s Winter Discover how animals spend the winter. Medium
  19. World Heritage Matters Discover the different types of special heritage sites around the world Medium
  20. You’re in Charge You’re in Charge Be the boss at a National Park. Medium