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Complete list of sports jokes!
Top 10 Seasonal Jokes!A GREAT advertising opportunity! 365 Sports Jokes! Top 10 Sports Jokes! Top Sports Jokes of All-Time!

  1. What does a sled dog that was an Iditarod competitor become after it is ten years old?… Eleven years old.
  2. Why did the sled dog in the Iditarod race wear little booties?… Because its kamiks were being repaired!
  3. Where are sled dogs trained?… In the mush-room!
  4. What do sled dogs play with to amuse themselves?… Their “Sony Sleigh Station”.
  5. What do sled dogs say before telling you a joke?… “This one will sleigh you!”
  6. What did the hunter say when the polar bear ate his sled dog?… “Well, doggone!”
  7. What is worse than a sled dog howling at the moon?… A whole team of sled dogs howling at the moon!
  8. How do you make a slow sled dog fast?… Don’t feed it!
  9. Why is it called a “litter” of puppies?… Because they mess up the whole igloo!
  10. How is a sled dog like your nose on a cold day?… They both run!
  11. What do you call a litter of young dogs that have come in out of the snow?… Slush puppies!
  12. Where should you leave your dog team and sled?… At the barking lot!
  13. How did the sled dog make antifreeze?… It ran off with her blanket!
  14. Why aren’t sled dogs good dancers?… Because they have two left feet!
  15. Why did the sled dog run in circles?… It was the watchdog and needed winding.
  16. If your sled dog fell through a hole in the ice, what is the first thing it would do? … Get wet!
  17. Why did the hunter name his sled dog Frost?… Because Frost bites!
  18. What’s a sign that your sled dog may not be an Iditarod winner?… Its collar doubles as its medic alert bracelet.
  19. What time is it when ten sled dogs are chasing a polar bear across the ice?… Ten after one. (1:10)
  20. What is the difference between a sled dog and a mailbox?… You don’t know? No wonder we’re not getting any mail from the Arctic!
  21. What kind of dog sniffs out new flowers on the tundra?… A bud hound!
  22. What did the sled dog take when it was run down?… The description of the snowmobile that hit it!
  23. What is a sled dog’s favorite sport?… Formula 1 drooling!
  24. How many legs to sled dogs have?… Six. Forelegs at the front and two at the back!
  25. How many hairs are in a sled dog’s tail?… None. They’re all on the outside.

These one are pretty bad!

  1. What do you get if you cross a sled dog and a cheetah?… A dog that chases snowmobiles – and catches them!
  2. What do you do if your sled dogs won’t run?…  Get the AHA (Arctic Husky Association) to make an emergency service call.
  3. What do you do when you park your sled in very cold weather?… Plug in your dogs.
  4. What would you get if you crossed a puffin with a sled dog?… A dog that lays pooched eggs!
  5. How can you tell if you have a stupid sled dog?… It chases parked snowmobiles!
  6. Why did the sled dog cross the snow softly?…Because it just got hit by a snowmobile and couldn’t walk hardly.
  7. What is the difference between Santa Claus and a warm sled dog?… Santa wears a whole suit – a dog just pants! (Top Christmas Jokes)
  8. How long are a sled dog’s legs?… All the way down to the snow. (Or maybe… four feet?)
  9. Why did the sled dog bite the man’s ankle?… Because it was a short dog and couldn’t reach any higher!
  10. Why do sled dogs bury their bones in the ground?… Well, doesn’t everybody put their leftover food in the refrigerator?
  11. Why do sled dogs bury their bones in the ground?… Because they can’t put them in the trees!
  12. Where do sled dogs go when they’ve lost their tails? A: A retail store.
  13. Ten sled dogs shared one umbrella, yet none got wet. Why? A: It wasn’t raining. (There’s no drownpour here – the Arctic is a desert.)
  14. What do you call a sled dog with no legs?… It doesn’t matter what you call it, it still won’t run!
  15. What did one sled dog say to the other while leaving the party in the igloo?… “That was one of the best parties we’ve ever been to… and then you had to go and do that on the floor!”
  16. How can you tell if you have a stupid sled dog?… There’s a long pause after “Bow” while it tries to remember “Wow”.
  17. How can you tell if you have a stupid sled dog?… Buries its tail – wags its bones!
  18. How can you tell if you have a stupid sled dog?… When you give it that canned food from down south – it just eats the meat-by-products part!
  19. What’s a sign that your sled dog may not like you?… You catch it gnawing on your snowmobile’s brake line.
  20. What’s a sign that your sled dog may not like you?… Whenever you’re having a bath, it decides to fetch electric appliances.