Which of the top 5 tutoring websites has the most verified expert tutors in the tutoring market? Can you find private tutoring provided by the best tutors online? We answer these and other pressing questions you may have.

For both students and tutors, it can be challenging to find the best online tutoring platform. Selecting the best one, in fact, may require extensive research into issues like commission fees, security procedures, technology, and pricing, to name a few.

Despite the fact that you may be short on time, it’s important to select the best online tutoring service because they are all unique. In an effort to help you in your search for the top UK online tutoring service, we have put together a thorough guide to our top ten suggestions. This will give you the information you need to choose the businesses that will provide tutors and students with the best service possible.

The Profs Tutors – The best online tutoring for students and tutors in 2023

Academic tuition and university admissions firm in the UK that has won numerous awards. The Profs also provide one-on-one online tutoring to students in the UK and around the world. The Profs, who won awards at the 2022 National Tutoring Awards, provide students in grades K–12 with tutoring up to the tuition and professional levels. The Client Liason Team, which matches students with their ideal tutor, is a significant difference between the Profs and the Clients.

It is all done for you, so you don’t need to go to any hassle to find a tutor.

Choose from more than 400 online tutors in the UK on The Profs’ website, and hundreds more are available in their database, to put an end to your search for a tutor. On The Profs, unquestionably one of the best tutoring websites in the UK, the winners of the Best Online Tutor, People’s Choice Award: Professional Tutor and Best University-Level Tutor, as well as the runners-up of Best Secondary Tutor and Professional Tutor of the Year, all provide university tutoring online.

Online tutoring jobs for GCSE, IB, A level, University Admissions, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and all other levels of study are available on The Profs.

Student and Tutor Safety

The safety precautions that The Profs has put in place are among its best features. All tutors on the site must not only be of the highest academic calibre but also have a DBS (CRB) check, are interviewed, and must deliver a sample lesson in front of the senior academic team. This is done to ensure the safety of both the tutor and the student. This significantly raises both the standard of tuition students receive and the overall safety of the platform. DBS checks are not required for all platforms.

Every class is recorded, and students/parents can listen to those recordings whenever they like.

Online Tutor commission

Families are required to pay a placement fee, and The Profs tutors determine their own fees. For the services offered, the commission is reasonable. Regular CPD sessions and social events are held for professor tutors (for those in London). The support of a skilled management team of qualified tutors who make sure their schedules are full all year round is also available to tutors.

Online Tutor Payment

Tutors receive quick automated payments for every class and are paid in advance via card. For tutors, there are no hazards and no payment delays.

Any other benefits?

Tutors who work with Profs can expect to earn more than they will on other platforms. Profs is not only the top-rated UK tutoring website on Trust Pilot, but it also has the clients to match.

But that’s not all, as The Prof’s playback feature is also helpful for learners who benefit from reviewing what they’ve learned during lessons. There are some tutoring websites that do not offer this feature.

University Admissions Tutors

Families can get assistance with admissions for a variety of universities, levels, and regions from The Profs’ Education Consultants and University Applications Tutors. They have it covered, whether you’re interested in an undergraduate programme at Oxford or an MBA at Harvard, and they always try to pair students with university admissions tutors who have gone through the application process at the college to which they are applying.

Each year, hundreds of students turn to a Profs tutor to help them increase their scores on the entrance exams for universities because they are experts in the Oxbridge Admissions tests.

90% of their students receive an offer from the university of their first or second choice, according to the professors’ statistics. The success rate for Oxbridge applicants working with a professor tutor is 55%; the national average is 18%. The Professors University Admissions Tutors are a unique breed.

Overall for The Profs

Overall, The Profs provides the best customer service, and both the local and online teams are faultless. The results and admissions packages for universities are unparalleled. Only 3% of applicants are accepted to become a Profs tutor, showing that they only take on the best in the business.

For those who prefer to work with a reputable tutoring company, The Profs’ most popular tutoring platform and the fact that they find the best tutor for each student are both major selling points.

It is also one of the most expensive tutoring services, which can be a problem if a 10-year-old student doesn’t require the services of an Oxford graduate. But starting at age 11, it is without a doubt the best investment on the market, and The Profs help teenagers realise their full potential. With this online tutoring platform, top tutoring services are provided as standard.

Spires – online and automated payments

One of the best websites for online tutoring is Spires. It provides the most cutting-edge technology available to tutors and students, and it makes finding a tutor surprisingly simple and quick. Spires appears to be one of the best tutoring websites because it features all of the top online tutors in the UK. 

When it comes to online tutoring technology, Spires is at the top of the food chain because it was created by tutors for tutors. The student sign-up, class delivery, and tutor payment processes are the most sophisticated and hassle-free on this system, which is also the most reliable. It now ranks among the top tutoring platforms and works with thousands of students both domestically in the UK and abroad.

After answering a few questions about what you hope to get out of online tutoring and providing details about your subject and level of study, you will be given a list of the top tutors who meet your requirements.

Yes, tutors set their own prices, but they will also respond to your post and submit bids for the task. Although there are no free trials available, students do meet with tutors beforehand to determine whether they will get along. You can enquire in great detail about the tutor’s teaching methodology and how it will meet your or your child’s needs. Spires makes it simple for students on a budget to find a tutor who suits their needs. It is simple to find a list of top quality tutor profiles for all kinds of different subjects, and many tutors charge different rates for one-on-one tutoring.

More than 500 academic subjects, professional credentials, and verified expert tutors are available. The available one-on-one tuition is of extremely high calibre. Students and their parents can rest easy knowing that they are receiving the best academic support possible because only 4% of tutors who apply to Spires are accepted and able to provide their services to users.

There are more than a thousand highly qualified tutors available, with specialisations in a variety of academic fields ranging from primary to postgraduate and professional degrees. Lessons are designed to improve students’ grades and build their self-confidence. Over 80% of students who work with Spires see their grades improve, and an astounding 96% of those who don’t achieve their predicted grades.

Contrary to the majority of the market, all tutors on Spires are fully qualified and verified professionals; in fact, the platform does not allow for the hiring of any tutors who lack these qualifications or lack experience. The fact that Spires offers the best tutors from all over the world means that students can be confident in receiving support from the absolute top authorities in their field.

Student and Tutor Safety

All tutors are required to complete a DBS (CRB) as well as a series of thorough safety checks, including an interview and address and identification verification. Additionally, tutors must demonstrate a lesson to the senior academic team.

Online Tutor Commission Rates

The ability for tutors to set their own rates through a job bidding system is one of Spires’ key benefits. This means that Spires tutors can make much more money than they would on other tutoring websites because prices are set by the market, which is typically high. The fair commission rates offered by Spires help to keep tutors busy.

Overall for Spires

It is clear why Spires is almost at the top of our list because it is the best-rated tutoring marketplace in the UK according to Trustpilot.

In conclusion, Spires is a fantastic option for students looking for a tutoring platform for a variety of reasons. The website is simple to use and contains all the information you require, including pricing, qualifications, and tutor availability, making it simple to find a tutor who will work well for you or your child. Prices for tutors are determined by their level of experience, and the rates are very reasonable given their level of expertise and educational backgrounds. Access to a wider range of experts at reasonable prices is one more benefit of online tutoring over offline tutoring.

​​This website is excellent for tutors looking for full- or part-time employment because it offers low commission rates, automated payment, and the freedom to set your own prices and availability.

Superprof – huge online tutoring website

One of the largest tutor platforms, SP’s Superprof website has more than 13 million tutors who can teach more than 1,000 subjects to students anywhere in the world. This tutoring website may be able to help students who require assistance with more specialised subjects when compared to other tutoring websites.

Student and Tutor Safety

To find the best match for them in terms of credentials, price, experience, and approach, students search through tutor profiles on the website. After that, they can make direct contact with the tutor to schedule an in-person or online lesson. The choice of location ensures that both the tutor and the student are secure.

There is no evidence, however, that tutors are required to obtain a DBS check or go through any onerous application procedures, in contrast to other tutoring platforms in the UK.

Rates for Online Tutor Commissions

If you use Superprof’s payment system, which enables you to accept payments via bank transfer or PayPal, they will tack on a 10% commission to cover all administrative costs. Alternately, though this is not confirmed by the platform itself, you can make arrangements with your students to receive payment in another way to avoid these commission fees.

Paying the tutor

Lesson payments are made in advance by students, and 24 hours later is one of the quickest times for tutors to access this money.

Tutors are free to set their own lesson fees and modify them whenever they want. You are advised to offer the first lesson for free to all new tutors on Superprof who do not yet have any reviews in order to enhance your profile.

Additional Advantages

Both students and tutors can choose their own availability times through the incredibly flexible service known as Superprof. The hardest part of the job, according to some former employees, was finding clients, but tutors who schedule their availability during less popular times will find it difficult to accumulate a large amount of tutoring time.

In general, Superprof is a good platform for tutors who might not possess the credentials that other tutoring websites demand, such as a degree. Making a profile is easy, but finding students and earning a living can be difficult.

The fact that students must pay a pass, which starts at £29, in order to contact tutors, is a significant disadvantage of this platform. It can be unsettling for some people that they are forced to commit to tutoring before they have even met any potential teachers.

An American company called First Tutors First helps a variety of students, from elementary school children to college students. By reading their own profiles, tutors can give students a better understanding of their personalities and skill sets before even meeting with them.

Student and Tutor Safety

To increase the safety of the students, tutors must pass reference checks and have their IDs verified before they can start teaching on the platform. Students can collaborate with their tutors to find a place where everyone feels comfortable.

Because of the review system, prospective customers can read the unvarnished opinions of former pupils. First Tutors also provides a support system for tutors and students seven days a week to assist with any worries.

Rates for Online Tutor Commissions

First Tutors does not charge a commission because they are not involved in the payment in any way; it is up to the tutors to establish a payment schedule. As a result, they frequently have to spend time chasing down parents for payment after failing to keep track of their charges.

This website requires a one-time fee of between £4.99 and £24.99 from students who want to contact tutors before they can do so, which may be off-putting to some.

Paying the tutor

Tutors are free to choose their own hourly rates, but keeping them in line with the neighbourhood average will help them attract more students. Tutors with more experience can frequently charge more than those who are just starting out.

Due to the fact that they are not in charge of any payments, First Tutors cannot assist if something goes wrong and clients refuse to pay.

Additional Advantages

With the help of First Tutors’ search tool, students can look for tutors in their subject areas and grade levels. The search function is further divided into categories like languages, business, academics, and the arts. During the initial search, students can specify whether they prefer online or in-person sessions to narrow down their options.

Overall, First Tutors 

FT is a good fit for individuals who desire complete control over their schedule, earnings, and clientele. It is a versatile platform that may be used in addition to a regular job.

Tutors frequently express concern about the number of hours offered on this site. When you take into account the time spent outside of the lesson that is unpaid, such as preparation or marking, it can be difficult to earn a good wage. Many people claim that it is difficult to find students.

Famous tutoring website MyTutor

The platform provides the same adaptability and range of benefits as the majority of other significant online tutoring communities, making MT yet another popular choice in the online tutoring market. Since both tutors and students are familiar with the website, it was inevitable that it would be included on the list of the best websites for online tutoring.

Student and Tutor Safety

In contrast to many other online tutoring platforms, MyTutor does not require tutors to complete a DBS check prior to joining the community. Online safety is unquestionably improved by MyTutor, which has its own team of interviewers who speak with potential tutors.

The platform also advises that all communication with parents should take place through the monitored online lesson space and forbids sharing any private information, including contact information. The platform complies with strict child safety guidelines, making it one of the safest.

Rates for Online Tutor Commissions

MyTutor states that after commission and VAT, tutors can expect to make between £10 and £24 per hour, despite the fact that they do not advertise the amount of commission they charge tutors who use their platform. Even though it is rumoured on websites like Glassdoor that the commission for low-price bands of tutoring can be as high as 40% and 25%, respectively, if true, this is significantly more than most tutoring platforms charge for a home tutor, whether they are online or not.

Paying the tutor

MyTutor might not be a good fit for tutors looking for quick and flexible payment options. Receiving payment through MyTutor is unfortunate because there are only two payment dates per month—one in the middle of the month for the first half of the month’s bookings and the second at the beginning of the following month for the second half of the month’s bookings. This may be useful to many people, but it may not be the best option for tutors who want to get paid for their time more quickly.

Additional Advantages

A few features set MyTutor apart from other well-known platforms. First of all, the platform is actually regarded as reliable and has partnerships with educational institutions, indicating some degree of teaching standards. Another benefit is that the website has a sizable and helpful customer service team available to help tutors, parents, and students as soon as they have any issues or complaints.

Overall for MyTutor

Overall, the learning and teaching environment provided by the platform is dependable and secure. However, because of the way payments are made and the potentially high commission fees that are assessed—which can be both expensive and inconvenient for tutors—it might be thought of as less advantageous. MyTutor is unquestionably a desirable option for students in light of this.

Tutorful Tutoring agencies

TF offers instruction in a total of more than 300 subjects and was previously one of the most well-known online tutoring platforms available. There are also many tutors on the website, though they may not be as well-liked by students as those on other platforms because the majority of them have availability.

Student and Tutor Safety

It is significant to remember that new tutors are not required to have a DBS check. They only need to provide a billing address and a form of identification. Making sure that payment is both acceptable and practical is the main objective of this.

Between tutors and students, Tutorful can still keep track of their correspondence, lessons, and content.

Rates for Online Tutor Commissions

It’s critical to remember that Tutorful deducts a sizeable commission from a tutor’s salary. In contrast to other platforms with relatively low commission rates of around 10%, Tutorful charges 25% worth of commission for up to 250 hours taught on the platform, and 20% for those who teach more than 250. The platform is still very popular, despite the sizeable sum, so it’s possible that the benefits of the website outweigh this drawback.

Paying the tutor

Tutors are free to determine their own service fees, but they must act responsibly in doing so. Tutors now have more earning options thanks to this.

But sometimes you don’t get paid for your lessons right away or for a while. Although the website takes payments within 24 hours of each lesson, it typically takes 8–9 days for the money to actually reach the tutors’ bank accounts—a much longer period of time than with other platforms. However, getting paid with Tutorful is stress-free if you don’t mind the wait because the money is transferred automatically to your bank account. As long as you get paid, online tutoring is a great way to make money.

Additional Advantages

One of Tutorful’s frequently cited benefits is the fact that it has some of the best software. They make group learning more interactive than on other platforms, for example, by giving users access to a simple whiteboard. The website is also very easy to use and accessible.

For Tutorful overall

Overall, it is undeniable that Tutorful is a well-known online tutoring platform with useful tools and accessibility for both tutors and students. Although perhaps lacking with background checks and payments when compared to other platforms. However, because Tutorful takes a sizable cut and payments can take up to a week to arrive, its commission and payment policies are somewhat less alluring than those of competing websites.