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The world is more interconnected than ever. Although a cliché thing to say, having a greater
understanding of the world and how we interact with it is an important learning opportunity for students. 

Study abroad offers students the opportunity to broaden their cultural horizons while being able to remain on track to graduate on time. 

Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA) supports faculty in a variety of ways to ensure they
and the students have a meaningful time during their stay in Florence. 

What does SRISA offer to visiting faculty? 

Custom study abroad programs are a great way to take your students out of their comfort zone and bring your classes to life in a new city. SRISA’s facilities and staff are there to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We can provide you with teaching facilities for multiple types of art classes in Painting and Drawing, Printmaking and Book Arts, Analog and Digital Photography, Sculpture, Fashion Design and much more. We also have lecture classrooms for subjects in the humanities and social sciences. SRISA happily supports faculty in arranging trips outside the classroom to ensure they are not just using our facilities but also taking advantage of the wonders the city of Florence has to offer. 

Will my students be able to integrate with locals and other students? 

Students participating on custom and faculty led programs will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural activities organized by SRISA. We organize many different types of activities throughout the year, which are all conducted in English. For those looking to learn or improve their Italian, we also offer conversation practice and other language support so that you and your students can learn to communicate with other Florentines. 

A big help in ensuring students and professors feel like locals is housing. We provide both you and your
students with housing within walking distance of all the different campuses, which are all in the heart of
Florence. You’ll be living just a stone’s throw away from iconic buildings and walking the same streets as
Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Living in this environment, you can’t help but feel home in this new, vibrant city!  

What services does SRISA provide to students in customized faculty led programs? 

All of our customized study abroad programs hosted by SRISA get the same benefits as other SRISA
students. This includes pre-departure assistance, a welcome orientation, where students learn about life in Florence, and a welcome banquet or farewell gala.

SRISA is here to ensure your custom course in Florence is a success for both you and your students.