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Youth Basketball Tryouts

Tryout #1

The following sheet was given to the evaluators to know some of the schedule. It also explains the purpose of the drill and the skills being evaluated. This specific tryouts was for a grade 5 boys travel team. There were 20 players trying out for 20 spots. So the evaluators were to place the players on the proper team.

The tryout process involved two 75-minute tryouts. (Tryout #1)

Goal: Identify the top 5 – 10 players as well as the well as the bottom 5 – 10 players (21 players registered). It would be helpful to classify the players into 4 categories (no need to rank within category). List as many players as possible. Do not feel the need to place ALL players. This will help me organize teams for the 2nd tryout.

1 (1- 5) = .                                                                                                                            .

2 (6 – 10) = .                                                                                                                            .

3 (11 – 15) = .                                                                                                                            .

4 (15 – 21) = .                                                                                                                            .

Dribbling Key Drills

Dribble March & Dribble Walk: Simple drills. Some players have mastered this, others are at different stages. Look for comfort level dribbling between the legs with the head up.

3 TripsLook for players who can dribble fast with the head up. Also look for players who can dribble with the weak head well. Notice the top finishers and the last finishers. Look for athletes.

SHOOTING key drills (BEEF Shooting Fundamentals)

Range finder: Players will start in close and move back. Notice the accuracy of the shot, the form and the rotation. The spot will move back to the 3 point. As the players move back notice his range, the spot where he can accurately make a majority of his shots.

Spot Shooting: The players will shoot from 5 different spots. Notice who the accurate shooters are. Also notice HOW they miss are they close or way off.


½ court games: The teams will be divided up by counting off. Notice the players who can play defense, move without the ball, and drive to the basket!

full court Scrimmage: The teams will be divided up into two groups. Evaluate the players to see how they play with players of similar skill. For each court try to identify the players who stand out.

SPEED and CONDITIONING (Line up by height)

Half-court full court & suicide: There will be 2 groups divided by height. Each group will do two sprints. This is simply to see who the athletes are. Last year we did not have many true forwards. It would be nice to identify potential forwards who may not have skills yet but are good athletes and good listeners.